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  • Adult Society - Provides discussions and opinions on gay, lesbian, BDSM and transgender issues and a dating service.
  • DoctorG.com - Includes articles, tools and toys for satisfying sexual relationships from Dr. Gary Schubach, sex educator in the area of the Grafenberg spot and female ejaculation.
  • Eroticy - Sexual discovery through the use of articles, personals, chat, videos, message boards, photos, and video conferencing.
  • Femmerotic - A pansexual, prosexual site network, promoting inclusive, creative, and diverse material. Includes sexuality resources and a discussion forum.
  • Good Sex Keeping - Ezine dealing with relationships and issues between partners. Articles, forums, and polls.
  • Pagan Pleasures International - Articles, stories and essays celebrating human sexuality.
  • Positively Sexual - Offers articles on many sex related topics, reviews of movies and books, forums, and related links.
  • Pursed Lips - Features a weblog devoted to tracking sex in the arts and the personal journal of author Debra Hyde.
  • Seska for Lovers - A pro-sexual site featuring erotica, fiction, essays, articles and picture galleries intended for couples, women and men.
  • Sex Dictionary - Dictionary of sex words and phrases.
  • Sex In Human Loving - Advice and information on sexual life.
  • Sex Rekorde - Illustrated guide to the world's sexual records achieved by humans and animals.
  • Sexual Fantasy - A request for Web users to submit sexual fantasies for a publication, compiled purely from the WWW. The site claims book will include cultural and statistical analyses.
  • Sexual Physics - Sex from the point of view of the theoretical physics.
  • SexualEdu.com - Includes articles on sexual health, techniques, relationships and a discussion forum.
  • Society for Human Sexuality - Information on all forms of human sexuality, with many pages about BDSM and a Seattle-specific events calendar and email announcements list.
  • Tantrisme MontrĂ©al/Montreal Tantra - Tantric spiritual group site based in Montreal.
  • True Male Multiorgasmic Response: The Study - Study from Rutgers University documenting natural male multiple orgasms for first time. Published in the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy (Vol. 23, No. 2).
  • World Sex Records - A large number of short articles on the history of sex and sexuality divided into topical categories.
  • Bright Lights Film Journal: Annie Sprinkle Interview - An interview with pro-sex guru Annie Sprinkle, who tells us, "In the future, everybody will be so sexually satisfied, there'll be an end to violence, rape, and war." (April 1, 1996)

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