Spartan and Other CVR(T) Vehicles

Spartan Armoured Personnel Carrier

A very small Armoured Personnel Carrier, it can carry four men in addition to the crew of three. It is used to carry small specialised groups such as reconnaissance teams, air defence sections and mortar fire controllers.

Samaritan, Sultan and Sampson are also CVR(T) vehicles: Samaritan is an ambulance vehicle, Sultan an armoured command vehicle and Sampson is an armoured recovery vehicle.

Crew 2 + 10 troops
Dimensions 5.16 m (L) x 2.63 m (H) x 2.48 m (W)
Ground clearance 0.33 m (axles)
Combat weight 10,670 kg
Main armament 1 x 7.62 mm GPMG
Engine 164 bhp Bedford 600 6-cylinder diesel (Cummins BT 5.1 fitted to IS variant)
Maximum speed 96 kph
Maximum range 510 km