L'histoire du "radar ", les faits
The history of the "radar", the facts




" Nouveau système de repérage d'obstacles et ses applications "






British man first to patent radar ( Sept. 17, 1935 )
from http://www.patent.gov.uk/

66 years since radar was patented by British inventor.

Initially used for military intelligence purposes radar is now more widely used.
A British man from North Dundee invented radar and patented it with the UK Patent Office 66 years ago on 17 September 1935. …….
Patents can be viewed from this web site via the free esp@cenet database
(Watson-Watt’s radar patent GB593017).


Emile Girardeau Cependant la vérité est autre
Maurice Ponte la realisation effective de matériels opérationnels
Encyclopédie de la radio 1936:
Détecteur d'obstacles