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Torchic is a fiery little speedster. With 3 Move Points, it can cover a lot of ground quickly. Torchic's nimble nature comes at a price—if you end up in battle, Torchic has no Purple attacks in its arsenal and you're most likely to spin Peck, a White attack worth a relatively small 30 damage. Torchic can hold its own against most other light-footed Pokémon, but beware when you face off against slow-moving brutes!


Spin Lugia and you'll likely be pleased with the results. Two small Miss areas may give you trouble from time to time, but most of Lugia's dial is devoted to big-time attacks. Two large White Aeroblast attack areas are each good for 90 damage, and Lugia's Purple Hurricane attack is a 3-star ringer that will send the Defending Pokémon running to the Bench with Wait. Like other big-hitters, Lugia has only 1 Move Point with which to maneuver.


Groudon is an intimidating presence on any team. It may be sluggish with only 1 Move Point, but when the going gets tough, it can often spin a victory with its Hammer attack. This hard-hitting move is good for 100 damage, and it takes up about half of the dial! Groudon is vulnerable to Purple attacks, but it fares very well when going toe-to-toe against other Pokémon that are heavy with White attacks.


This Legendary Bird can stir up a storm on the playmat. Ho-Oh's Fire Blast is one of the most powerful White attacks in the game, delivering a devastating 120 damage. Ho-Oh runs the risk of Miss on occasion, but it's worth the risk with its 2-star Purple attack that can send all surrounding Pokémon spinning straight to the Bench.


Treecko is a very fast Pokémon, clocking in at 3 MP. This speed gives any team a fast flanker, offering some quick threats. Its Dodge attack is strong, making it an ideal defender, as well as a good blocking post for a surround maneuver.


Everybody loves Pikachu! This Pokémon offers a mix of reliable attacks, with moderate speed. With very light Miss chances, the possibility of Dodge, as well as the Thunderbolt for 100, it's a good choice for any team. 


Feraligatr has highly damaging attacks. Wash Away is a stronger Purple attack — its two stars means that Wash Away beats weaker Purple attacks. It might be slow, but Feraligatr’s attacks are always strong!


The Meowth figure is that of a trickster. Switch is a powerful Purple attack, swapping the places of Meowth and one of the opponent’s Pokémon. This kind of attack allows Meowth to slip by an opponent’s Pokémon sitting on the Goal, or even help trap a Pokémon with a clever surround maneuver.


Charizard might not move around the board too quickly with only 1 MP, but its Fire Spin attack makes it a tough Pokémon to beat! Each time Charizard gets Fire Spin, you keep spinning: 50, 100, 150, 200 ... there's no limit to how much damage Charizard can do.