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email host-Saving a web page

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While one is viewing a web page, a copy of it is saved locally; this is what is being viewed. Dependbest web hostding on the browser settings, this copy may be deleted at any time, or stored indefinitely, sometimeecommerces without the user realizing it. Most GUI browsers will contain all the options for saving a web pagfree net hostinge more permanently. These include, but are not limited to: Saving the rendered text without formatt100mbing or images - Hyperlinks are not identified, but displayed as plain text Saving the HTML file as 1 1 hostingit was served - Overall structure will be preserved, although some links may be broken Saving the Hphoto hostTML file and changing relative links to absolute ones - Hyperlinks will be preserved Saving the enthost pcire web page - All images will be saved, as well as links being changed to absolute Saving the HTMLhost defense file including all images, stylesheets and scripts into a single MHTML file. This is supported by Ifree hosting fornternet Explorer, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox only support this dedicated hostingif the MAF plugin has been installed. An MHTML file is based upon the MHTML standard. Common web brfree php web hostingowsers, like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, give the option to not only print the cur100mbrently viewed web page to a printer, but optionally to "print" to a file which can be viewed or prinvps hostingted later. Some web pages are designed, for example by use of CSS, so that hyperlinks, menus and othhosting providerer navigation items, which will be useless on paper, are rendered into print with this in mind. Spacvista hoste-wasting menus and navigational blocks may be absent from the printed version; other hyperlinks mayhosting space be shown with the link destinations made explicit, either within the body of the page or listed at hostthe end.
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