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Welcome to iPhoneLinux


To cooperatively build a viable, free software competitor to the existing iPhoneOS based on the Linux kernel.


This chart color codes and provides links to the status of parts of the iPhoneLinux project. The first row is for major stages, the second row is for minor stages, and the third row shows the development milestones. Development milestones are small projects that use what we learned to develop useful apps for the community and prove to ourselves that we have adequate mastery over the hardware for each step. Click the underlined stages/milestones for details.

OpenIBoot Linux Long-Term
Low-Level Hardware Debugger Environment Critical Drivers Booting Linux Port Drivers Make It Useable Remaining Drivers GUI
OpenIBoot Command Line iPhone Drive Working Kernel iPhone Linux Open Development
Red means unfinished Yellow means actively being pursued (with some working code written)
Blue means the core functionality is done but it can still be improved Green means completed


An informal format development blog is currently being updated at


The Status chart is above but there is also a Roadmap that gives a detailed outline of what needs to be done, why, and the progress. Visit the Helping page to learn what you can do. Please refer to the following Git section for code.


Current development is active on GitHub. The GitHub Project Wiki has information on building the toolchain, the kernel, and openiboot. Openiboot and the kernel are available in separate repositories (be sure to checkout the iphone branch for the kernel).

Git is a distributed version control system, so it's not proper to say that it resides there, but it is the location all of the major changes will be pushed to. You can check out the code from the following repositories:

git:// (Openiboot)
git:// (Kernel)


iBooter -- An interactive Apple Bootloader (iBoot) Console for the iPhone and iTouch. Support for WinXP/Linux/MacOSX 10.5.2
iRecovery -- A ramdisk based util that let's you bring up a terminal over usb and mount the Nand to help fix boot issues
IMG3 Unpack(img3.tar.gz) -- Download this unpacker to strip off the IMG3 signatures on the apple firmware files.
OpeniBoot -- View subversion repository for this open source bootloader for the iPhone/iTouch built for the Linux port.

Useful articles

Hardware and Software details of the iPhone/iPod touch: Technical Data


You can talk about iPhone Linux via IRC: irc:// (use irc:// if the first one doesn't work)


Bitset app (useful for reversing):

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