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Leroy (AKA Fungie)  
Our 6'2" West Indian kitchen manager is a Cancer born on the beautiful island of St. Thomas.  Leroy has been at the Love Shack turning out delicious dishes for over four years.  Hobbies include cooking, listening to reggae, raising pet Oscar fish, playing basketball, watching sports or limin' with my close friends.  Fungie is a very quiet and smooth person and quite easy to get along with (except on the basketball court or over a 007 ice cream sundae atop the Schilthorn in Switzerland).  Leroy prides himself on socializing well with people of any race, age, color or culture.  No email yet, but feel free to call Leroy's Love Line at 779-2080.  
KILLAKILLA... You'll always find me where it's warm - OC, St. Thomas or St. John (possibly hell).  A true momma's boy, still a virgin, never been kissed, never been a slampeice, nice to old ladies, has milk and cookies everyday, a great role model for children, a real sweetheart, loves chick flicks, and is pretty much everybody's All American... o'yea he's a rockstar too... just ask him!!!!!!!!!! Virgin Islands appearance February 4 to April 4!  
Pronounced "All-Star" - that's right, all around player & late night MVP. Single dad of two great kids; Tisha (9) and Alistair Jr. (6) - they are the stars in my sky! Born and raised on St. Thomas I know all the hot spots and frequent them on weekends, not to mention you already found me at the #1 spot on St. Thomas - the Love Shack. Jack of all trades, master of some, I'm a true gentleman and perfect ladies suitor. So, ladies say hello, but look me in the eye . . . if I blush and smile that means I like what I see!  
DC resident originally from Boston. Moved to St Thomas after so many north east winters, and besides - who could think of a better place to be to kick off my 30's? Tired of the rat race, the traffic, the noise and the clutter. Henry David Thoreau said it best . . . "Simplify, Simplify"!  

Tia & Navia 
She was born on the beautiful island of St. Thomas on the wonderful day of July 1st. She's straight out of the ghetto. Wherever she goes, she always takes her sense of humor with her. She loves BBQ chicken and baked macaroni. This cancer likes to make people laugh. She likes to meet new people, read, play games and have a good time. Do you have a clue who it is? It's the wonderful Jahneicia Quattia Dionne Williams. B.K.A. -Tia A.K.A. Ghetto Gyal.  
I hail from Dallas Texas. I enjoy the simpler things in life; beer, boating with beer, people who drink beer, having a job that allows me to be around beer and be a part of the BEST PARTY IN THE ISLANDS EVERY NIGHT!!!
P.S. It's 5 o'clock somewhere…y'all drink a beer!
This bubbly brunette came to the islands to meet up with her family who are recently relocated to the land of sun & fun. She spends most of her time in the ocean and sunbathing. Careful boys . . . she may seem sweet, young and innocent with that giggly little laugh, but she knows exactly how to wrap you around her finger!  
Elizabeth (aka Killer, Simba)  
You can always find me running around the island in early morning in my sports bra. I’m currently training for a marathon in Colorado. My biggest goal is to be able to swim to St. John. I’m dating a guy named Bill who is a rock star. We pretty much are in love. Come visit me at Duffy’s!  
Emile A Daniel (aka Johnny, Yankee)  
emile I was born on St. Thomas, grew up in New York City. My favorite pets are cats & dogs.
I like to drink Coors Light or Old Milwaukee sometimes.
I like dancing, music & TV.
Scott aka The Unibomber  
Scott Mix equal parts of top fuel bartender and rock star manager, shake vigorously and float with Jagermeister. You have the “Scottie Too Hottie” cocktail. Born on the Bad Streets of Gary, Indiana with stops in Chicago, Orlando and Pensacola along the way. Motto: “The only way to get down is to blow the @!*# up!!” Favorite bands: Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Ministry. Favorite songs: My Mammy by Al Jolson and Pussycat by Tom Jones. Life long aspiration: to visit every strip club in the world!!  
Emily Born & raised a flower child in St. Thomas. Graduate of “the U” (University of Miami) Engaged to be married. Was once called The AntiChrist by local legend Wayne – Facts Man – Adams. Favorite pastime: abusing my employee discount at Caribbean Surf Co. Favorite drink: Mind Eraser (if somebody else is buying!) Suffers from nightmares about my lack of Duffy’s gear sales. Hate training new servers. Favorite songs: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer by George Thorogood. And Hell is for Children by Pat Benetar.  
Ana Also known as Squishy Banana or The Deadliest Catch. Known for my unusually lumpy butt. Hailing from Alaska I can name ALL FIVE kinds of salmon. My favorite past times are quoting movies, jumping naked from the Willy T. A loyal client of Urma the Waxologist. Deathly afraid of live lobsters.  
Jordan (aka J Money)  
Jordan Favorite pet: VI Mosquito. Favorite Drink: Alabama Slammer Roll Tide!! Cubs win! Cubs win! Well I believe in the soul, the small of a womans back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber, good scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are overrated crap. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, I believe there ought to be a constitutuional amendment outloawing astro turf & the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft core porn … and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft wet kisses that last for 3 days.  
Katie (or Betty)  
I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, playing etc. I come from Northern California (Point Arena). I was born and raised there. My favorite island so far is Jost van Dyke. I come from a very small town where there isn’t much to do so when I came on vacation here and got the chance to stay I took it!! I’m super happy here!
Nickname Nora.
I am from the lovely island of St. Kitts.
I love dogs and rum & coke.
Lizzie (aka Daisy or Dori)  
I enjoy long walks on the beach, watching sunsets with someone special and holding hands, My goal this summer is to get the perfect tan and of course find a summer love.
Come out to Duffy’s – I’d love to meet you. I am the one probably in the shortest shorts.
Papa Rich - aka Capt Rich ...  
Rich Aka Capt Cream. Aka Silky. Aka Silky Smooth. Aka Dirty Rich. Aka Huggy Bear. Aka Master of the Pinnacle (ask me about the last one in person next time you visit Duffys Love Shack).  
Landrum (aka Bambi)  
You can always find me lifting weights at my gym after work. My goal is to win a swimsuit body building competition by the age of 25. oh yeah…. I can also eat FOUR cheeseburgers in one sitting – come see for yourself. (its a secret talent of mine!)  
Lindsay (aka Roller Girl)  

I like to party like a rock star. You will always find me on the dance floor at Duffy’s. If you’re lucky I might just show you some of my sweet moves.
Ken (aka Monte)  
Ken I come from a great place where we don’t believe in the letter “R”. So in other words : Park your car in Harvard Yard and come on down to Duffy’s so we can party “wicked” hard!!  

Former Carny with Ringling Brothers Circus but got caught sleeping with the bearded lady so I ended up in the ialands! Originally from Michigan but had to leave after the Wolverines lost to the Buckeyes for the 100th time!!!

Richie Born on St. Thomas. I am a licensed as a pilot, search & rescue and a communications officer. I am a beginning bassist and very serious about my work etchic. (we have to add he make a mighty mean salsa!)  


Bio coming soon.  

Saying Goodbye to ...








I'm Nelson from Santa Cruz via Cape Cod, Tahoe, Virginia and Arizona. Down in the islands for some sun & fun. I enjoy cooking & mixing drinks - and meeting women! Just remember ladies, kissing a man without a mustache is like eating eggs without salt! Friends of Nelson often say "Nelson is the kind of guy that puts the gingerbread in your house". Really, truly!!  
I was born and raised in the Texas hill country. I moved to the VI in February. Although I have earrings and long hair and look like a hippie, I am just a country boy at heart. I believe please, thank you, ma'am and sir aren't said nearly enough. I believe if you are rude and impossible to deal with, you should be locked in a really small box and tossed in the ocean. I believe the world would be a better place if topless beaches were the norm not the exception. I believe all men are created equal; hard work just makes some of us better. I believe in God, ghosts and democracy. I don't believe you are what you eat, or I would be 90% beer. I don't believe in everything like the designated hitter or that diamond rings make love last forever for one and all.  

I like bears, machine guns and long walks on the beach.
Joanne - Jojo
I am from Livonia, MI. I graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in marketing. I love to travel and do outdoor activities.
Alexis - Lex - Lexi  
I am a recent graduate of Western Michigan University. I majored in Business Marketing. I grew up in Michigan and I am happy to be in the warm weather. My favorite island so far is Tortola and the BVI.  
I come from New York and have been on the island for about a year now. I enjoy going to the beach, having a drink with friends, dancing, and being bitten by spiders.
Hi Millennium people. My name is Louvaine and I'm from the native island of Dominica. This outrageously funny Leo loves to have fun and always (always!) likes a good joke. Like the Leo lion I am very loud & strike when needed. A proud mother of three my hobbies are sleeping and listening to love music whenever I can. I'm not really an outgoing person, but I AM the famous hot sauce queen at Duffy's Love Shack. If you're ever down in St. Thomas, visit us and I'm sure you'll leave satisfied!
Greg (AKA Rabbit, AKA Agent Stoli-07)
Came from New York City with the idea of drinking and smoking less, but Year of the Rabbit made that impossible.  Besides, Q has seen to it that I always have an ample supply of Stoli O and Dunhills to complete my assignment, which basically consists of putting a tattoo on every pretty girl that walks into the Love Shack.  Future plans include finding my future ex-wife, traveling to Asia and maybe actually taking a skiing lesson before I attempt to get off a mountain. 
A newborn to the tropics, this hottie was created in Houston, Texas. I enjoy sunbathing and all kinds of water sports. A natural groover and shaker, I am the Dancing Queen! The hot, sunny days enhance my radiant glow & the cool, breezy night produce my tropical essence. Don't get too close boys, ouch - she's a hot one! A social butterfly loved by all. The beach is my one true love, the sand on my fingers and the sea in my hair. I'm known as the "Passionate Kiss" - How sweet it is!!!
An outgoing Aries - single & searching. Don't worry, if I break your heart I can fix it! Registered nurse with expertise in cardiology - interned with none other than Dr. Cupid himself. Originally a Snow Queen, born & raised in northern Ohio. My warm smile and hot energy demanded a new habitat! So come chit-chat and keep me company for awhile when you're on the rock. Who knows - I might just give you a check up!
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood & I ended up in this rag & bone shop of the heart. I'm still trying to go placidly amid the noise & haste; if you've ever been to the party at Duffy's you understand the futility of that last statement . Stop by Duffy's and tell me the origin of the first three lines of this bio and impress me. A cryptic linguaphile, I used to ride my horses under the Arizona desert sun until, parched, I decided to wet my whistle with the other island virgins. The horses stayed behind so I'm looking for another 1000 pounds of muscle to put between my legs. In the interim I'm perfecting the act of dumb, blonde bombshell before dropping it on the selected male target. Applications for male target are accepted at the Love Shack nightly until 2 am.
I come from Marietta, GA. I went to college at Ole Miss and after graduating decided to use the $100K education to wait tables on an island. When I am not at the Love Shack, you can normally find me bellied up at a bar with a Miller Lite in hand doing multiple Jagers. So come by and visit me, but keep in mind that your daughters are not safe.

(On Left)
G-Strings and Jerk Chicken wings are a few of Glen's favorite things. Looking in your big brown eyes will make you sweat till you can't sweat no more. The original over-weight lover always "wakes up with a heart on!!" Turn ons: JAGER Turn offs: NO JAGER
Macy "SOCKS" Monteverde  
I am a 22 year old hot tamale from Houston, Texas. I like every sport known to man. Sunbathing on the beach and snorkeling are my favorite pastimes on the island, besides the obvious of making all men crazy about me. New to the island…not to the game.

I have an alcoholic last name (BUDGIN= Bud and Gin), and I have followed that role fairly closely on the Isle. I grew up under a pool table in Chicago but recently moved here from San Francisco. I enjoy snowboarding and mountain climbing but have been on an unsuccessful search for that so far since my arrival. Instead I have chosen to take up snorkeling, diving. I want to learn to surf and sail better. Always looking to meet new people and in the mean time I am just going to chill out. Peace!
Nir Marciano
Ladies…his name might sound Italian, but it is Israeli. Coming from New York City, but originally from Israel, this island hottie is the most energetic manager you'll ever encounter. With his enthusiastic hellos and crazy dances, you'll definitely come back for more. Although he might try to challenge you in something, especially soccer, he's the sweetest thing other than the rum punch.
Jen Mitchell
Originally from the Boston area, but after almost five years on St. Thomas, you begin to feel like a true local. You may remember me from the past years at the Love Shack (any of them…I have worked in Ocean City, St. Thomas, and St. John). I took a little break and now I am back managing at the Shack. I can't stay away. Come by and see me! I am sure I will remember you. You'll have to stop by during the day though, I have given up the night thing (really!) I realized that the rest of the world sleeps at night and works during the day. AMAZING CONCEPT! I figured it was time to try it out.
Hi, I'm James Ryan from St. Thomas! I love to read, travel and cook. This muscular, part-time body builder plays the piano, French horn, alto and tenor sax. I've traveled extensively through the U.S. and the Caribbean. I'm currently on the hunt for a dirty-blond haired woman, 30-35 years of age. She must love to travel and eat gourmet meals (cooked by "moir"), with candles and jazz in the background.
Hey, mates! My name is Erika & I'm from down under! I'm 24 years old & like skateboarding and motocross. I've got tattoos hidden secretly all over my body & love to have a good time. Look me up at Duffy's - I'll be the sassy one with the short skirt!


I am a born & raised St. Thomian. I enjoy swimming, biking and sailing. I am a real people person, the smile talks for itself!

Mo - Mobo

I've been homeless for most of my life, at least the parts that I can remember. I stowed away on an oil tanker (in the oil) and made it to St. John. Because I kept coming to Duffy's and sleeping in the bathroom, they finally gave me a job. I make pretty good drinks with oil.

I'm in the witness protection program and hiding in the USVI. Don't tell nobody especially Joey Bagodonuts from Queens. While I'm down here I like to sail, give people incorrect directions and manage the Love Shack. I used to play right field for the Yankees, but I had to change my name. My closest friends call me Dick.

I just moved here from Houston. My cousin used to work here, but now he works on a boat. I have a degree in physics. That makes me smart, right?




My name is Christopher Callahan. I am from Salem, MA. Yeah! No more snow. I enjoy sunshine, blue ocean, and ice cold Budweiser. I am the KM for Duffy's on St. John but I live on the beautiful island of St. Thomas with my lovely family. I have no plans to return to Boston.


My friends call me Scuba Joe. I like to bartend, because that is all I know how to do. I like to scuba dive on my time off, which is rare. I have been with Duffy's for two years now and in the off season I plan to let Europe enjoy to fruits of Iggy. Until then, I am accepting applications for the next girl in my life. Bring a friend, it will be fun.

Hi there!  I moved here from the green mountains of Vermont!  If you have ever suffered miserably through an East Coast winter, you know why I love it here!  I was raised in a family of traveling circus folk and before joining the Love Shack I achieved great fame as a Human Cannonball for a well known circus company.  My hobbies are reading, snorkeling, traveling and movies (Bruce Willis is my idol).  Hope to see you in the islands where I generally perform amazing management feats WITHOUT a net! 

I'm a Rock Chick from the Motor City- Detroit. Came down to the islands to escape the cold and in desperate need of a tan. Let me tell you this is the place for both! Come visit the only place on St. John that knows how to throw a party- Duffy's Love Shack of course! Hope to see you soon.


I came to Love City in June of '99 for two months that turned into a year!  A 23 year old from Nashville, I was a Broadcast Journalism major/Theater minor at MTSU.  Loves: Jim Beam and Coke and partying until the sun comes up (really!)  Plans: to continue her Duffy-rific adventure this summer in Ocean City.

Travis Ellwood hails from Hartford, Maryland.  Currently working as a Kitchen Manager, and is a Business Major at Salisbury State University.  He sold his soul to the Love Shack in the summer of '98, a naive young fellow, and has not found his way out! (yet)  Future Ambitions: visit the islands, graduate college and survive the summers.  Did I mention I have attention deficit disorder...

Tanner (aka Tank)
A college boy hailing from the cold regions of NH originally ME, where I play lacrosse and the field (ladies, of course).  Wherever there is a party or a  bumpin' beat playing you will find me in the middle of it!  OC is where I spend my days of summer and the Love Shack has become my new dysfunctional family.  Behind the bar I bring you the Lawn Mower, Springcaller and Shopping Cart!!!!!  Returning for my second season I come single, willing and always able.

David (aka Puppy)
A South Joysey kid, originally a Shacker from OC who was called to "serve" in the summer of '99.  David was transplanted to the islands after season and has been having an awesome time.  Puppy returns to the Beach Scene in Maryland this summer!  Future plans include becoming a Duffy's bartender.

Nicole (aka Trixie)
Arrived on the rock last year from PA.  Now loving life in St. Thomas and her favorite - St. John.  Enjoys hiking, beaching and the scenery.  An art major who works on films; acting and in production.  She now spends all of her time partying it up with the gang and trying NOT to drink with Nitro (eeeh!)  See ya in Ocean City for summer 2000!

Cindy (aka Spaz)
Hails from Washington state.  Ran half way across the world to St. Thomas to escape the rain!  Enjoys sailing, snowboarding, fishing and anything that allows her to be her wild & crazy self!  Cindy's headed north this summer to work in Ocean City!

Jonathan (aka DJ Macaroni)
New to the island & the freshest kid at the Shack!  This guy's a Cajun looking to add his special spice to the flavor of Duffy's Love Shack.  Loves clowning around & talking !@#*.  He's gradually picking up the island habit of drinking everyday!

I'm from Philadelphia and I go to school for broadcasting at Temple University.  I'm a Duffy's rookie who plans to work in the islands in the future.

I worked for Duffy's in St. Thomas a couple of years ago before going back to school.  I was persuaded to work this summer in Ocean City as they needed bartenders (not much effort was needed), and will return to graduate school again this autumn.  Apparently all the partying at Duffy's has made me smarter.  You can usually find me flipping bottles or doing tricks with all my friends/rockstars trying to keep from getting stiffed!

Robert (aka Bonnie)
Robert is a 3 years veteran shacker from Portsmouth, VA.  He enjoys walking, playing chess, the color green, reading, dogs, cats and rum & coke. 

Finally, The Fox has come back to Ocean City and has landed at the Love Shack!  This tall, dark and handsome shacker hails from Bethlehem, PA is a college student at Kutztown University.  He's on a quest for the perfect tan and "looking for a perfect Beach Bunny to make his day... or night."  I'm the biggest 76ers fan in the world.  I like to run, golf, lift weights and go horseback riding on the beach at sunset!  Your lunch, pack it.  Your role, know it.  Your love, make it!  I'm single... let's mingle!

And Certainly Loved & Not Forgotten....







Ocean City Staff

Bad Boy Dave



Thanks to all of the staff who have made
Duffy's Love Shack great!