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Lorries and Towns Don't Mix

Robert Webb's investigative video documentary explores the issue of inadequate fields of vision for drivers of large articulated lorries on urban roads. The programme looks at the number of serious injuries and fatalities that have resulted from this anomaly. The documentary is aimed at the general public but may not be suitable for children. The video lasts for 12 minutes and 41 seconds.

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Creators: Director - Webb. Robert
Author - Webb. Robin
Editor - Webb. Robin
Composer - Webb, Louise
Narrator - Freeman, Tim
Subject: Transport
Citizenship & Personal, Social & Health Education
Contributors: Signals Media Arts - Funder/Sponsor
Commedia Millennium Awards - Funder/Sponsor
Community Media Association - Funder/Sponsor
Millennium Commission - Funder/Sponsor
Date created: 25 / 02 / 2003
Language: English
United Kingdom

Rights: Community Media Association has non exclusive rights for the use of the work in The Showcase, but the overall copyright rests with Robert Webb. Copyright Robert Webb.
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