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With Red Dwarf VIII the show achieved the magic total of 52 episodes - perfect for international syndication. The overseas profile is steadily growing in anticipation of the Red Dwarf movie.

Series VIII, like VII, was granted Sunday repeats, and another ratings peak of over 8 million followed. Perhaps showing the success of the show in the States, the entire season was shown on some American PBS stations on March 7th, before the BBC transmission of the final five episodes.

In the months following the broadcast, fans would come to debate what would follow - whether the film would stand alone or round off the Only the Good storyline. Most bizarrely, some areas had already announced that the next Red Dwarf story would be called Die Young to round off the quote from the previous episode's title. (Presumably, had the episode gone out under the working title of Every Dog, we'd be looking at a tale named Has Its Day!)

The film, it was announced in 2001, would tell the classic Red Dwarf story in a brand new way - essentially setting it in a whole new universe.

And now the saga continuums...

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