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Pyramid Matrix, by Carl P. Munck

Keyhole Mounds -
Japan. It has now been confirmed! Japan's keyhole-shaped mounds, called "keyhole mounds," are part of this ancient Pyramid Matrix system! Learn the deeper meaning of Japan's keyhole mounds. The ancients knew time every bit as well as we do, and perhaps much better.
Welcome to PyramidMatrix.com. Atlantis, Lemuria or former technological civilizations are mere myths? Is there a way to know? There is incontrovertible evidence of precise global positioning, thousands of years ago, requiring space age technologies, and satellite triangulation. Carl Munck, archaeocryptographer, introduces an ancient Pyramid Matrix, in which monuments - across the globe - encode their exact positions with respect to latitude and longitude. The science of decoding these monuments is called archaeocryptography. For latitude, ancient monuments were referenced to the same (modern) equator. For longitude, these monuments were referenced to a former Giza, Egypt Prime Meridian - discovered by Munck - that ran from pole to pole across the Great Pyramid. This Web site provides introductory examples of ancient monuments, how they encode their positions in the Matrix, and resources for deeper study (and verification). See our bookstore for the goods!


1) NEW, and ready for those who wish to be informed about real history; the largest and most comprehensive book ever written on the world's pyramids. Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, the U.S., England, Peru, Nan Madol, China and Japan - along with why they are where they are - including the Big Horn Medicine Wheel and the talkative drawings on the Plains of Nazca, and even a few Crop Glyphs which speak the same language! A book that is destined to change the world's view of history and return Atlantis and Lemuria to focus. More

NEW Aquarius Papers On The Code Are Here:

I am donating AQUARIUS-20s to Indian Reservation Libraries.Want to learn something about your very ancient roots and the original meaning of the medicine wheel? If you are a bonafide Indian Reservation Library and are interested...write to me: Carl P. Munck, 2888 Brettenwood Dr., Ammon, ID 83406

(NEW ED.): Non-linear / reciprocal math in stone. Its recipe is crooked but precise and explains why so many aboriginal monuments were not true geometrics. They had to be distorted in some way. Wyoming's Medicine Wheel, England's Square, Egypt's Bent Pyramid, Monks Mound, Emerald Mound, Tikal's pyramids - and complete with a map for the medicine wheels. 37 Pages at $18.50.
AQUARIUS-21: THE FIRST READER: Learn to read numbers like writing. There are but 26 letters in the alphabet whereas numbers intrude upon infinity itself, hence, great knowledge is possible. It includes not only aboriginal monoments but crop glyphs as well, a lnguage still with while Lemurian, Babylonian and Egyptian follow the do-do bird. The teachers include Portsmouth (KY), FT. Centre Cirle (FL), Tiahuanaco (Bol.), Sakai City (Jap.), Chichen Itza (Mex.), Ogemaw (MI), Poverty Pt. (LA.), Carnac (FR.) and beyond. Even Thoth's studio. 37 pages at $18.50.
Habikino City's keywhole mounds in Japan. Confusing to the carographer, but very well ordered to they who can "read" math. Meet their cousins across the world - Serpent Mound, Rock Lake, Meydoom's False Pyramid, Town Creek in NCAR, Stonehenge, Kukulkan, Cobble Knoll (NY) and even MANOS at Nazca. 27 pages at $13.50.
The MID-TERM. The stones at Stonehenge were DELIBERATELY left unfinished and thereby "crooked". Stonehenge is bi-lingual, speaking both conventionally and reciprocally. Close cousin to Egypt's Khafre Pyramid, it likewise is fluent with Ohio's Serpent Mound, The Square, the Frankfort Ideogram, Nazca's Condor the great cat effigies, Tikal's Temple IV and others. 35 pages at $17.50.

My Discovery of Archaeocryptography

Hello, I'm Carl Munck. I once had a hobby. Cryptography. But it's not a hobby anymore! Back in 1978 I was trying to develop a code system to be based on the language of latitude and longitude (degrees, minutes and seconds), the idea being to multiply the three numbers in each set to a single number, viz., 15 degrees times 15 minutes times 0l.6000 seconds products at 360 (the number of degrees of arc in any circle).

I won't say what I was looking for, but let's just say I was looking for a better mousetrap and let it go at that. It was a great way to pass the time and provided my copious intellect with a lot of fun. That is, until I found my plots getting themselves tangled up with the ancient pyramids.

For example, when I divided the 360° constant by 19 degrees, 18 minutes to 0l.05263l57894 seconds, I found myself on the parallel of latitude which crosses Mexico's round (360°) Cuicuilco (Kwee-Kueel-Ko) Pyramid just south of Distrito Federal (Mexico City).

What's this?? The ancients knew that round things comprised 360 degrees of arc? Naw... It has to be coincidence...

England's Stonehenge. 60 stones × 360° = 21,600 - the number that encodes its grid latitude and also is Earth's polar circumference in nautical miles. 21,600 ÷ 51° ÷ 10' = 42.3529411".  51° 10' 42.3529411", is the parallel of latitude that crosses Stonehenge's exact center. The Code Video Part 1 includes an in depth analysis. Also consult my books and papers.

But later, when probing the larger 21,600 (Number of Nautical Miles in the earth's Polar Circumference), I found that when I divided it down through 51 degrees and 10 minutes to 42.3529411 seconds, it crossed the exact center of England's Stonehenge - another round (360°) monument which originally had 60 stones around its perimeter. As 60 stones times 360° multiplies to exactly 21,600, I then realized that I had found something awesome and, as Stonehenge has recently been redated (C-14) back to 10,000 years BP (see English Heritage, June 1996 edition), it's incredibly ancient. Global Positioning System technologies among the Clovis Points?

Not possible according to our present concepts of ancient man! His math skills did not exceed his fingers and toes. His knowledge of the world was limited to his horizons and his lack of writing skills pegs him as ignorant. It has been drilled into all of us since grade school.

Problem is, these pyramid/grid scenarios kept coming! Egypt's El Kula Pyramid (at 36), its Bent Pyramid of Seneferu (180), the Druid Mound in Massachusetts (180), the earthen ideogram ("Fort") at Newark Ohio (2160), the Temple of the Atlantes at Tula in Mexico (2880), Giza's Sphinx (5400), Georgia's Kolomoki Mound (7200), Ohio's Seip Mound (8640), Mississipi's Emerald Mound and the Red Pyramid of Seneferu at Dahshur (10,800), the ideogram at Franklin Ohio (16,200), the Great Triangle drawn on the Plains of Nazca in Peru (17,280), Germany's Go-Low Earthcircle near Bonn (27,000), the "EYE" on the mile-long "FACE" at Poverty Point, Louisiana (32,400), the Oregon Vortex (48,600), MANOS, another drawing on Nazca's Plains (64,800), North Bimini's Shark Mound and the Pyramid of the Magicians at Uxmal (129,600) - ALL OF WHICH ARE DIVISIBLE BY 360!

Our modern satellite-accurate topographical maps are very accurate and these ancient pyramids too often EXPLAIN where they are - so there is no chance of error on my part. The monument builders of remote antiquity were in possession of enviable geodetic skills and they left the evidence all around us.

For an in depth analysis, read WHISPERS FROM TIME (Volumes I & II), available from Internet Marketing NW, 40 Lake Bellevue, Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98005. (206)412-9789. Email.

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