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Gerald Ford

The Thirty-Eighth President • 1974-1977

Gerald Rudolph Ford

“A Time For Healing”

Biographical Facts

Birth: Omaha, Nebraska, July 14, 1913 (Born as Leslie Lynch King Jr.)

Ancestry: English

Father: Leslie Lynch King
Birth: Riverton, Wyoming, 1882
Death: Tucson, Arizona, February 18, 1941
Occupation: Wool Merchant

Mother: Dorothy Ayer Gardner King Ford
Birth: Harvard, Illinois, February 28, 1892
Death: Grand Rapids, Michigan, September 17, 1967

Stepfather: Gerald Rudolph Ford
Birth: Grand Rapids, Michigan, December 19, 1890
Death: Grand Rapids, Michigan, January 26, 1962
Occupation: President, Ford Paint and Varnish Co.

Half Brothers: Leslie "Bud" Henry King (1923-1976); Thomas G. Ford (1918-); Richard A. Ford (1924-); James F. Ford (1927-)

Half Sisters: Marjorie King (1921-); Patricia King (1925-)

Marriage: Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 15, 1948
Wife: Elizabeth "Betty" Ann Bloomer Warren Ford
Birth: Chicago, Illinois, April 8, 1918
Children: Michael Gerald Ford (1950-); John Gardner Ford (1952-); Steven Meigs Ford (1956-); Susan Elizabeth Ford (1957-)

Religious Affiliation: Episcopalian

Education: South High School; University of Michigan (A.B., 1935); Yale University Law School (LL.B., 1941)

Occupation Before Presidency: Lawyer

Military Service: Ens., lt. cmdr., U.S. Navy (active duty, 1942-1946)

Prepresidential Offices: United States congressman; United States Vice President

Inauguration Age: 61

Occupations After Presidency: Speaker; Businessman

Death: Rancho Mirage, California, December 26, 2006

Place of Burial: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan

First Administration

Inauguration: August 9, 1974; In the East Room of the White House

Vice President: Nelson A. Rockefeller

Secretary of State: Henry A. Kissinger

Secretary of the Treasury: William E. Simon

Secretary of Defense: James R. Schlesinger; Donald H. Rumsfield (from November 20, 1975)

Attorney General: William B. Saxbe; Edward H. Levi (from February 7, 1975)

Secretary of the Interior: Rogers C.B. Morton; Stanley K. Hathaway (from June 13, 1975); Thomas S. Kleppe (from October 17, 1975)

Secretary of Agriculture: Earl L. Butz; John A. Knebel (from November 4, 1976)

Secretary of Commerce: Frederick B. Dent; Rogers C.B. Morton (from May 1, 1975); Elliot L. Richardson (from February 2, 1976)

Secretary of Labor: Peter J. Brennan; John T. Dunlop (from March 18, 1975)

Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare: Caspar W. Weinberger; F. David Matthews (from August 8, 1975)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: James T. Lynn; Carla A. Hills (from March 10, 1975)

Secretary of Transportation: Claude S. Brinegar; William T. Coleman, Jr. (from March 7, 1975)

Supreme Court Appointment: John Paul Stevens (1975)

Congress #93 (January 3, 1973-December 20, 1974):
Senate: 56 Democrats; 42 Republicans; 2 Independents
House: 242 Democrats; 192 Republicans; 1 Independent

Congress #94 (January 14, 1975-October 1, 1976):
Senate: 61 Democrats; 37 Republicans; 2 Independents
House: 291 Democrats; 144 Republicans


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