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rt @marketingtexan Want the gov to fix housing? Take action
@Tocquigny It was great meeting your team yesterday.
No football this weekend... Take a moment to visit some great model homes.
My favorite part of building a new home is the design center.
Are you tired of being stuck inside? I have a solution coming up.
Just had a great call with Ben from @agentgenius.
When you walk through a home and can see you and your family living in it, you know its the one.
@keithgoode That is among one of the many situations that make people better off buying than renting. Let me know if I can help.
Want a better economy and life for your family? Then
If I was in the market to buy a new home what advice would you give me?
Hey Realtors! We launched a new section of our site just for you. More to come. Check it out:
Tell it like it is @dwellgo - rt @dwellgo The Reality of a 4.5% Interest Rate
rt @HNN Mortgage Rate Cuts Good for Housing Market: Mortgage rates dropped Tuesday for the first time in years.
@Lennar Thanks for the link to the full article.
@HNN is a great resource for real estate article links.
@LennarFresno Well that is some good news out there. Sounds like you have some people that realize what a great buyers market we are in.
@Lennar Good to hear don't be so quiet out there. Did you see


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