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Net Neutrality needs all the publicity it can get because major media companies, surprise, don’t want to make it a big story. So blog about it, call your local newspaper, if you work in media get your editor to let you do something huge about it and feel free to contact us at anytime for our input or to get quote on why net neutrality is important to us as independent filmmakers who use the internet to distribute our work.

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151 Responses to ““Humanity Lobotomy” - Now Raising Funds for Feature Lenght Version”

  1. Firdes Says:

    No net = violence.

    Firdes K.

  2. Joanie Helms Says:

    Great video…we need all that info going out to the public over the internet. Thanks for all hard work to get the message out!

  3. Timothy Karr Says:

    Nice — can we feature this on our Web sites? http://www.savetheinternet.com and http://www.freepress.net.

    Let me know.


    Campaign Director

  4. Augustus Savage Says:

    Hi, I have been watching your show and I think that what you two have done is great. Thanks or the information about
    net neutarliy. You guys rock. When are you coming to Yelm Washington?? Augustus

  5. N1K Says:

    If enough people in favour of net nuetrality bought shares in AT&T the shareholders could then pressure the board to cancel their plans.
    Corrupt the system from within

  6. Lynn Says:

    great video. Your previous one about this issue really impacted me. I did not know this was going on. I’ve been telling all the people I can. Also I’m writing an essay about net neutrality for my writing class. Thanks for giving us more imformation. we can sll make a difference.

  7. José Moreno Says:

    Congratulations! Great video. When you think about it, you can only imagine what a wonderful thing press could have been, had it been free;
    what marvelous achievements radio could have got us, had it been free; what great things could have outcame from television, had it been free.
    Wouldn’t the world be a better place? My point is that that somewhere in the past there were times like this
    (see http://teseeantitese.wordpress.com/2006/10/25/on-net-neutrality/). Well, not this time! This time people are watching.
    From a distance (Portugal) we follow this issue with concern and engagement.

  8. Derek Wallace Says:

    Hey, great video! I’m the bald guy that shows up about half-way through and gives the peace sign. My name’s Derek Wallace and you can check out videos about Net Neutrality and other political issues (Campaign Finance Reform, Peak Oil, The War on Terror) by clicking here:


    And you can also check out my personal page for an upcoming around-the-world trip where I’ll be staying on organic farms while doing work in exchange for room/board by clicking here:


    Keep up the AWESOME work and remember - ALL OF US are journalists now, thanks to youtube and cell phones with cameras!


  9. Chaz Says:

    I am promoting you here in OKC and I am trying to find the wmv link so I can hotlink and have this vid on my player!
    I need to know if you want me to promote you this way?? Peace, Chaz

  10. mike Says:

    Great video! I can’t wait till the raw files are posted - I’m going to BarCamp LA this weekend and I plan on adding to this video and showing it to everyone. There will be a ton of people there who have a lot to loose if this goes through.

  11. Mona Witherington Says:

    I really liked the documentary…it opened my eyes to the reality of what’s in store for the internet. I really hope that there are
    better and brighter futures for the world wide web…thanks for opening my eyes!

  12. Britt Says:

    This is an issue that I had absolutely no previous knowledge about…after watching your video, I can’t even see how that is possible. Incredibly well done: informative, interesting, easy to follow and understand–so thank you for that. As a Canadian, I am somewhat out of the loop, and can’t vote, but at least I am now educated on this issue, and can go about spreading the word in my own country…

    awesome work, as is everything you guys touch…

    thanks again for opening my mind (still can’t believe how ignorant I am!!)

    come to canada if you can!


  13. Ashlee Says:

    Thanks so much for this video and the first. I was unaware of the issue until I saw the first video about net neutrality. Since then I have written and performed a persuasive speech for my speech class and a lot of people seemed interested. I also try to tell everyone that I know. \

    Honestly, you guys are amazing!

  14. net neutrality, or humanity lobotomy? « KeinRhythmus.com Says:

    [...] arin over at foureyedmonsters have hit a chord with his new video podcast on net neutrality: [...]

  15. Chris Detmer Says:

    Good work.

    I’ll be linking and blogging and myspace-ing this like mad.

    - Chris

  16. mike Says:

    What song is used in this?

  17. Tim Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that certain elected people would kowtow to special interests such as the phone companies.
    I can’t say I’ve researched this topic but if it is true I’m all for net neutrality. The Internet is really the great equalizer where everyone can be heard. As a conservative, for countless years I have been stuck getting one-way communication from left wing media outlets.
    Only now within the last year have I been able to totally go without television to get the news. I said goodbye to Katie Couric and Tim Russert along time ago and it won’t be long until they all slip into oblivion. A neutral internet is a conservative haven.

  18. Wai Mun Says:

    Excellent piece of work - looking forward to re-editing this!

  19. Tom Alexander Says:

    Great Movie Arin,

    Also wanted to add a link to NPR stories about Net Neutrality.


    It explains it almost as well as you did.

    Keep up the great work,

  20. Mike Morrison Says:

    This is a fantastic piece of art, I am looking forward to creating something from it.

    Your supporter across the water,



  21. Scott Says:


    Every new medium evolves. And because politics, at its essence, is the lust for power and control, all media are covertly or overtly threatened, at all times. The more internet users get involved in content creation, the likelier ideals such as net neutrality will prevail. Microsoft’s WEB-TV and its ilk be damned. Content delivery by the powers-that-be and receptivity by passive audiences is the formula that could devolve the web. We must be vigilent and aware of the threat, but confident the yin and yang of conflict will continue to favor the remarkable freedom we enjoy in the infinite networking of intellects and personalities this medium permits.

  22. Andy Coon Says:

    Brilliant job creating this piece. This is our future as a nation, if we can’t hold net neutrality the world wide web would be without The United States. Think about that. We as a civilization would have some serious blinders on and the corporations can tell us what they want us to know. They have already hijacked our air waves and televisions the internet will always be neutral… I invite you to listen to a podcast that I created by having a conversation with Craig Aaron the communications director of Free Press. Lets do our part to keep the internet free and hold AT&T and the telecoms accountable for their misuse of tax credits.

  23. Alex Williams Says:

    Arin — Great work. I will send this to my children first. They are 11 and 13.I think about them most often when watching this video. We all have so much to lose. But it is this younger generation that I hope will see this fight as the one that will define their generation. I guess we’ll see.

    Make media!

  24. Mike Krumlauf Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Out of all the videos i have seen talking about Net Neutrality, yours is by far
    the one with the most impact and u talk about things in a way the “Consumer” can
    understand. I also felt that the clips of Internet users expressing their views
    about the problem really went to show that we (America) can’t and won’t let this
    happen! I think if they pass Net Neutrality, that everyone should stop using the
    internet. Boycott the NET, that will show those F**kers.

    Mike Krumlauf~

  25. Lawrence Wilson Says:

    On the slide “How could something so firmly planted in reality disapear?”
    change the spelling of the final word to the correct: “disappear” (too “p”s).

    Excellent message.

  26. mike Says:

    Hey Arin (and everybody else),

    I’ve started a wiki at: http://neutrality.pbwiki.com/

    It’s to help keep track of this documentary as it evolves and spreads across the internet. If you’ve done a re-edit or if you’ve embedded this into your blog or myspace page - then please add yourself to this wiki!

    Using this will help us connect with other people who feel strongly about net neutrality. Thanks! I hope to see your name on the list!

  27. RickRey.com Blog » Entries » Documentary on net neutrality Says:

    [...] project page. Learn more about how to protect net neutrality. Tags: net neutrality, vlogging | Permalink | No Comments » « Previousentry [...]

  28. Marisa Holmes Says:

    I just want to say thank you for making this piece. As media makers we must hold law makers accountable and fight to preserve net neutrality. Too often, our generation takes for granted the luxury of independent media, thus contextualizing the current struggle is vital. What are your plans for the piece? Are you looking to expand it into a feature? This particular issue is ripe for exploration now that COPE is in the Senate.

    Marisa Holmes
    SDS Chicago, Students Against War and Injustice

    *Also, have you seen The Corporation doc? This bears both ideolical and stylistic similarities.

  29. Marisa Holmes Says:

    I just want to say thank you for making this piece. As media makers we must hold law makers accountable and fight to preserve net neutrality. Too often, our generation takes for granted the luxury of independent media, thus contextualizing the current struggle is vital. What are your plans for the piece? Are you looking to expand it into a feature? This particular issue is ripe for exploration now that COPE is in the Senate.

    Marisa Holmes
    SDS Chicago, Students Against War and Injustice

    *Also, have you seen The Corporation doc? This bares both ideolical and stylistic similarities.

  30. arin & susan Says:

    So there is now a wiki for this documentary you can check out here. All those who have re-posted and re-edited are invited to add your links there since the comments here will likely get out of control and since wiki’s are awesome and always the way to go.


    Also I have a delicious feed I’ve been tagging with the resources you can see here:

    If you want to show a link to me to be added to this feed you can add it to your own delicious account with the tag: for:arincrumley and I’ll get it.

    Also my 2nd draft has been added to youtube and I’ve changed the links and the video that plays above. The first draft can now only be seen on youtube. The reason I updated is that the first draft encouraged people to vote and now that opportunity has passed.

    As far as the media managed FCP project, those hoping to edit not just a flattened file but the actually individual clips in FCP may need to wait a little longer since I’m having problems media managing and it might take some time to work out. I’m trying to do it so you only get the clips that get used and can download a 500 mb zip file. Instead it keeps giving me a 3 gig folder of the entire huge clips I pulled from which is really way to big to reasonably host. So get in touch with me through our contact page if you have any FCP tips on how to get past this:

  31. dcinput » Blog Archive » dcinput daily for Sun 19th Nov, 2006 Says:

    [...] Mike Ambs’ edit of ‘Human Labotomy’ [the first edit of the Net Neutrality Open Source Documentary was by Arin Crumley], is an excellent piece of work. The net neutrality debate has been going for a while, I’ve written about it several times. I find this documentary project important for several reasons. These two edits do a fantastic job of painting the net neutrality picture. The subject isn’t a trivial matter to understand. I’ve been reading things for many months now and it’s the first time I’ve seen something that fully and simply puts accross the message. This is done by looking back at the evolution of previous forms of media intercut with recent interviews with important web figures like Tim Berneres Lee and Lawrence Lessig, all to well chosen background music. It uses the web a platform for documentary making. Using publicly available media that is available on the web in places like YouTube, Google Video, Podzinger and Delicious and by publishing project files under some form of creative commons license they are enabling others to re-edit and release their own versions. By watching and re-watching you learn more things and see new perspectives. It helps to spread the word, start conversations and get people involved. [...]

  32. magdalenus Says:

    Nice video, guys. Great work. I’m spreading it far and wide as I can. Keep up the good work, we all appreciate your hard work!

  33. We Control Control, Don’tcha Know? at The Poverty Jet Set Says:

    [...] The good people at Four Eyed Monsters put together this fantastic video in support of “Net Neutrality”. I want to encourage all you out there to have a watch. If you don’t already know, this issue is about big corporations attempting to wrest control of the free spread of information on the Internet. Corporate control of media and information is one of the greatest threats to democracy and personal freedom, as we should all know by now. Not a good thing. Totally yucky. Watch: [...]

  34. Beth Says:

    I just linked to your video on this important topic!

  35. Beth Says:


    Forgot to add

  36. mike Says:

    3 GB isn’t so bad if you share it as a torrent, is it? We could get several people to help seed it - although, I’m still a bit of a noobie when it comes to torrents (maybe you could write a how-to for people who want to help share the FCP files)…

  37. Taran Rampersad Says:

    It’s open CONTENT, not Open Source… Big difference… and that difference is very important.

  38. Democratic Speech Threatened at atypicalspirituality.com Says:

    [...] Save the Internet | Rock the Vote My Stuff My Stuff Portal My Husband My Email My Myspace Profile [...]

  39. paul belodeau Says:

    this guy (see link) disagrees with you. i’m curious your response.
    i don’t know who to believe yet…

  40. Jon Fordham | Director of Photography » Archive » “Humanity Lobotomy” Says:

    [...] Save the Internet | Rock the Vote Booked: EnKo feat. Baby Ranks “Dale Dembow” [...]

  41. Unique Says:

    Hey…nice work…great video! I’m spreading this to as many people as possible. It’s very important for everyone to know what’s going on.

  42. whateves.poop » Its the end of the “free” world as we know it…and I feel sick. Says:

    [...] Goodbye Internet  [...]

  43. alex Says:

    Well cut vid and to the point. I did not know and know i know. Spreading the word like wild fire.

  44. TINKIN’s Gibberish » Net Neutrality Says:

    [...] Save the Internet [...]

  45. TC491 » Blog Archive » Net Neutrality Says:

    [...] http://foureyedmonsters.com/neutrality/ [...]

  46. dcinput » Blog Archive » dcinput daily for Fri 8th Dec, 2006 Says:

    [...] I picked this quote from Susan Buice because it made my laugh. It’s part of an interview she did with Arin Crumbley with whom she runs Four Eyed Monsters. Go read the interview and pay attention to these guys because they are doing interesting things. Arin is responsible for the Open Source Documentary about Net Neutrality that I wrote about a while back. That piece of work and a few other things that were happening to me at the time all converged together helping me to form new ideas about film making, documentary making and more generally how the web is turning things on their head. Ultimately it lead to my mini-essay on the disintermediation of film making. Now while I think and talk about these things Arin and Susan are out there actually doing cool stuff. I think you should pay them some attention and others do to. [...]

  47. Jbroglio Says:

    I think the next edit should not incorrectly list Ed Markey as a senator.

  48. Michael Eckert Says:

    Just saying that I find your video a source of great information. Myself and a friend who is a DJ at a local Rolla, MO radio station KMNR did a morning PSA over Net Neutrality in which we aired audio clips from this video and gave about a 20 minute talk on the subject to inform listeners. Keep doing what you are doing, the video is great.

  49. Powerking89670 Says:

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that your videos are some of the best content I have ever came across. You are truely gifted, so keep it up…for everyone’s sake. I also would like to thank you for making this video. I have watched it several times, and given the link to countless friends to have them learn about Network Neutrality.

  50. ryanne Says:

    you have been reVlogged:



  51. SpinFlow » Says:

    [...] Save the Internet | Rock the Vote [...]

  52. Richie Says:

    instead of warheads and missiles, i’d rather my tax dollars go to free the internet.

  53. Revlog nr. 1 - HUMANITY LOBOTOMY - authors: Four Eyed Monsters et at United Vloggers Says:

    [...] Participate in this collaborative Net Neutrality Project by Four Eyed Monsters. CLICK HERE [...]

  54. Darning Hell at United Vloggers Says:

    [...] Participate in this collaborative Net Neutrality Project by Four Eyed Monsters. CLICK HERE [...]

  55. Toma Says:


    I’m doing my best to shout at conservatives like me to get up off their duffs and make some noise for net neutrality legislation!

    Here - http://atomsound.tv/activist/saveworldfreedom/index.html

    And here - http://atomsound.blogspot.com/2006/12/savetheinternet-better-mousetraps.html

    And it’s all cos of you.

    Thanks for being so passionate.

    We actually give some kudos about you all here, too -

    Rock on in the free world!


  56. Kent Bye Says:

    This is a really well-produced video — Very well done.

    We remixed a segment of this video with a lot of other Creative Commons licensed music, photos and video in a piece called The Great Turning. Check it out.


  57. Memheces » Archivo del weblog » La neutralidad con perspectiva histórica Says:

    [...] Es un documento de los cachondos de ‘los monstruos cuatro-ojos’… Disfrutadlo, son once minutos de historia y sarcasmo. [...]

  58. Karina Says:

    Hi there,
    Just wanted to let you know I loved this video and we’ll be mentioning you and your site and putting up a bit of a clip from it in our vlog episode that goes up tomorrow (Jan 4th) on http://www.mobuzztv.com. I hope our viewers all link through and watch it cuz its important! I particulalry like the way the issue is given some historical parallels, that’s a nice addition to most of the information on Net Neutrality already out there.

    Anyways, best of luck with your project!!

  59. caramboladigital.com.br » Blog Archive » Internet sob perigo Says:

    [...] Four Eyed Monsters [...]

  60. Eric Franklin Says:

    The video is fantastic but it would be much more potent without the egregious grammatical errors. For this video to have an impact on much of its intended audience, the professionalism of the copy should be up to the standards of the rest of the video. Right now, it’s not.

    Here are the two most overt copy corrections:

    1) So what’s the catch with the internet? [add the apostrophe in "what's"]

    2) …their first step was removing net neutrality [remove "there" and make it "their". "There" is a place, not a group of people.]

    Keep up the great work, though! I loved the video and posted it to my blog.

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  62. Revlog nr. 3 - HUMANITY LOBOTOMY at United Vloggers Says:

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  63. Rita Flórez » Blog Archive » “Humanity Lobotomy” Says:

    [...] I try to avoid reading about net neutrality, watching anything on it or even just talking about it because the whole subject makes me feel powerless. I’m going to post this video from Four Eyed Monsters anyway. [...]

  64. links for 2007-01-04 | NOWUSEIT.COM Says:

    [...] Four Eyed Monsters » Blog Archive » “Humanity Lobotomy” Net Neutrality Open Source Documentary (tags: media smartmobs freedom culture Internet neutrality net socialsoftware) [...]

  65. Joshua aka Randomhero Says:

    Ive made post on our forums and posted the video on the main page were just a small gaming community we will do all we can to help spread the word I HAVE STOPPED my DSL
    Service through ATT BECASUE OF THE VIDEO the local cable company here favors net nutrality so Im sticking with them you all should do the same and tell them why you have stoopped service also Im using VOIP and not a lan line F U ATT

  66. TEEN WORLD CAPITOL » Blog Archive » Is a Free Internet an endangered species? (video) Says:

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  67. Changing Way » Blog Archive » Net Neutrality Video Says:

    [...] Four days into 2007, it’s time to post something about Net Neutrality. So here’s a link to an excellent short video. Thanks to Glyn Moody for the link. [...]

  68. Awesome Video about Net Neutrality at Kraki’s Crap Says:

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  69. natalie Says:

    great information! thanks! the internet is one of the most impacting and important creation for social/academic networking + getting instant information sources worldwide and the big corps want to play “big brother”…SAVE THE INTERNET!

  70. KANEOYA + DESIGN | 10/01/07 | Net Neutrality                        Says:

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  71. brandy Says:

    wow. =]

    i am 14 years and i honestly have never expeirenced anything like the feeling or insight your videos have given me. from the intemasy to creativity that i feel have been impacted by.

    thank you =] i’m looking forward to one day seeing your film.

    p.s. save the internet!

  72. Nick Hagman Says:

    I can’t believe that telephone companies would try to get rid of the internet we have all grown up to know and love! This is horrible! Without the internet, hardly any programs - including video game consoles that use the internet - would work! Not to mention that Google, MySpace, and other sites will no longer be of service and that’s just wrong! It is a right for the millions of people in the world to use the internet and to take it away is ridiculous! Email will cease to exist as we know it. How will we be able to keep in touch with people we used to know, or to people we don’t even know yet?

    Thanks for spreading this video!! Save the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Books and Ideas » Episode 5: The relationship between Science and Philosophy Says:

    [...] Save the Internet | Rock the Vote [...]

  74. Save the Internet « Dream On ! Says:

    [...] the Internet February 2, 2007 Posted by rajAT in Uncategorized. trackback Net neutrality has been explained by Craig, by a Ninja, but never as well as this open sourcevideo. Entertaining, too. [...]

  75. MisterB Says:

    I have a online radio show that i would like to edit the video for and play.
    I fill very passionate about freedom of communication and it do’s help me so much to see other fighting.

    It will be broadcasted Saturday feb 10th on slakrz.com broken braincell 9pm-12am.

    if this is not cool with you please email me at mr_b@slakrz.com, or if you would like to network drop me a line.

  76. GregR Says:

    I’ve heard about Net Neutrality before, and this vid solidifies it for me. I hope I can do something to help.

  77. NiceNess Says:

    The video makes it sound like phone companies are going to destroy the net. How? By bringing fiber into homes? That’s bad? Right now cable tv companies bring broadband into homes faster than dial-up… do they block content?

    I’m a firm believer in independent media, but I just don’t see why everyone is freaking out on this issue. After all with YouTube and other video sharing sites, there’s more independent media on the web than ever before. Are the telecoms going to block YouTube? I doubt it.

    Oh, yeah, and the radio thing. That was cool, but it doesn’t apply. Radio spectrum is finite.


  78. Professor Geek » Blog Archive » The Importance of Net Neutrality Says:

    [...] to the Lessig Blog for this one. Here is a short video that explains everything, especially how the telecomm companies want to take control of content on [...]

  79. JD Says:

    Great piece. Really solid.

    I do think that the lady singing about the end of democracy in the hearing is a bit off though. She seems to be a bit of a nutter and I don’t believe those clips do any more than make the supporters of net neutrality look like loonies.

    Great work, I’ll be sharing this.

  80. DancingSamurai.ca - » Short video presentation on Net Neutrality Says:

    [...] video presentation on Net Neutrality By DancingSamurai in Links A brilliant short film on net neutrality highlights what is at stake and gives a historical background as to how previous revolutions in [...]

  81. icecow Says:

    There would be chaos, but the revolutionS will not be interactive-TVized

  82. links for 2007-02-24 at maven Says:

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  83. Tommaso Says:


  84. infobong.com » linkdump for 2007.02.24 Says:

    [...] Four Eyed Monsters: “Humanity Lobotomy” You should watch this video that compiles clips to make a case for networkneutrality. The most interesting part is how the Final Cut file is available for download. (del.icio.us tags: media FCC video networkneutrality) [...]

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  87. Ed T Says:

    Hold the phone folks. Notice that we lost freedom of radio broadcast VIA LEGISLATION. You can bet it was packaged as legislation that was needed and was for our own good. Legislation seems to always have unintended consequences. One thing is to put regulatory requirements on the entities providing service - thus raising the bar for new entries into an industry. Anything starting to sound familiar? I’ve somewhat given up on problems being solved via new laws. Much better to solve these things at a grass roots level - municipal internet, consumer groups and tools to measure whether the access/info we have is being controlled, etc.

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  89. Lincoln Says:

    This is a great video! The FCC Commissioners should be forced to watch it.

  90. Mrs. Durff Says:

    Sounds like a moot point. The corporate giants have already lost….

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  97. Pat M Says:

    The first half of the video is compelling, but then I didn’t follow the argument that the ‘little guys’ will get forced out of the medium. How would such a scenario play out? I just can’t see it…

  98. Ubuntu | Jorge Bernal: Net neutrality: a big issue Says:

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  99. Captain Obvious Says:

    I personally don’t care about regulation of Internet access and content in the USA. You see I, like most of the people on this planet, do not live there. If the USA wants to lobotomize itself and voluntarily sink back into a pre-Internet communications Dark Age, I really couldn’t care less.

    Look Americans, please — quit it with the “OH NOES TEH INTERNET IS UNDER THREAT!!1″ hyperbole. Those of us out here in the region known as
    “the rest of the world” will keep on making connections, generating and publishing content, writing applications, and sharing information freely while you go back to tin cans and string.

  100. Marco Camisani Calzolari Says:

    Anybody knows where to find subtitles?

  101. Peter Casanave Says:

    Your video freezes at “Freedom of connection is the fundamental…” I am loving what you did. BTW what about the Lafayette, Louisiana solution.

  102. DECnet Says:

    Thnx For Spreading Awareness , now i have an idea. We Support You

  103. Atte Says:

    Gosh… That gave me the chills. :|

  104. John Baird Says:

    We own the copyright here - they have to back off.


  105. Sarah Wynne Says:

    Take away my connection and I will KILL SOMEBODY!!!!

    Now blogged. Great video guys, keep up the good work; it’s great to spread awareness.

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  108. Gestionando el conocimiento Says:

    [...] hay gente que aún se opone, y quiere frenar el progreso a toda costa. Aunque parar todo sea como lobotomizar a la humanidad. Aprendimos hace 60000 años a hablar, hace 5000 años aprendimos a escribir, y hace 600 años [...]

  109. KingOfMyCastle - The Webspace of John King Says:

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  110. menkaur Says:

    good work, guys. we will not let anyone commercialize the net …

  111. markus.laskeuma.net » Arkisto » Humanity Lobotomy Says:

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  116. christopher Says:

    GOT IT. Will spread the word and thanks for sharing this one. I think the greedy phone companies just want to keep collecting more tolls – the real concern for me is the political and moralizing censorship that will try to regulate the net into a conservative mouthpiece. Like TV and Newspapers today. But this one has already got out of the bottle and may be very hard to push back in - and we need to make sure this is the case forevermore. I believe the net is the next evolution into global consciousness – the creation of the super consciousness of the planet in manifest form and just maybe it is bigger than any pathetic little tie wearing bully boy – because now we have wireless – networks have become cheap and easy to establish and so there will be alternatives…. Cheers. Christopher

  117. concerned citizen Says:


    If you don’t vote, you don’t matter. It’s as simple as that.

  118. Network Neutrality video « Martin’s blog Says:

    [...] on February 25th, 2007. This short video outlines some of the issues surrounding the Network Neutrality debate - albeit from biased [...]

  119. badal Says:

    Its very simple to tackle the big corps - the one language they do understand is $$$, so if you circulate a chain email and don’t act like such media addicted 2 year old, just boycott the services of the said companies for 3 months :) why ? i will tell you why just one quarter of getting hit on the bottom line will make them stand straight like well trained dogs and will listen to your every command. Every service offered by corporation is built on service subscription, if you keep hitting them when ever there is an issue and show them we aren’t hooked into the services, yes its useful and convenient but its not like i will die or my life would come to an end. If anything i feel this maybe a good step in the direction of standing out in the front yard and getting to know your neighbours like when there is a power outage. Lots of kids turned to sports and never got back into video games like they used after the last big blackout. Social force rocks, corporations are powerless without our credit card numbers.

  120. johnny goodyear Says:

    Good start, but for a first viewing and for people who are not that informed about the issues, this video does not clearly outline what net neutrality is, as far as how it would actually manifest. You talk of ‘them’ making the net a one way machine, but you don’t show (not tell) effectively what that reality would be. Just need some better scripting is all. Good luck.

  121. UserX - הבלוג של עינת ענבל על עיצוב חווית המשתמש ועיצוב ממשק » Blog Archive » חת שת Says:

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  122. ms Says:

    YES . . .

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  124. sliljestrand Says:

    Do you have any idea when the re-edit media will be avaliable?

  125. joshs blog » net neutrality Says:

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  126. William G. Lewis Says:

    Thanks for the effort you guys put into this. I have been using the net since way back in the 80’s, the early days of BBS and FTP and I have seen the freedoms we enjoyed then slowly shrink. It’s time to wake up and stand up, America Inc.is kicking down the door.

  127. morganusvitus Says:

    The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)

  128. AD Says:

    This doc is so typical. I don’t know, I think you guys are far too ahead of yourself to make this film. Plus the nerdy film student’s voice over and cheesy music to make it seem like this is a huge production.. meh.

  129. Ozmodcon Says:

    Terrible research… poor production.

    Are you…serious?

    This is possibly the most pretentious pseudo-intellectual theory I’ve heard. You can sit and worry about such semi-apocolyptic ideas and, guess what, all of the previous mediums (radio, telelvision etc.) have encountered sway from the higher-ups…. and all of those have found ways to circumvent the upper crust.

    The 21st century is NOT unique.

  130.   Video: Humanity Lobotomy - Net Neutrality Open Source Documentary by Re:Sources Says:

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  131. cameronisbeast Says:

    this is an awesome video good job guys keep up the good work!

  132. Chatterbox » Net Neutrality, What Is It All About? Says:

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  133. Aaron Ingebrigtsen Says:

    A long while ago I found a P2P network that was focused on combating, at least in part, this very issue. It is called Freenet. The Freenet Network allows anyone to upload and download anything at all, anonymously. Which includes creating websites and distributing content like videos. I haven’t been using Freenet for a while, because of how difficult it has been for me to publish or retrieve what I want. It is still basically very much a Beta project. But I still have high hopes for that network, I even bought a t-shirt to support the project. The only thing governments and ISPs, or even phone companies, can do to hurt Freenet is to shut down any and all incoming ports that are opened by their users. Even without ports with which to help you stay anonymous, you can still Request and Insert data on the network. Check it out and see what you think. :)

    I use Azureus with Bit Torrent search tools and Trackers to get and distribute most of what I do. I am a Pirate, a poor pirate, lack of employment and money makes life very hard. But I want to do anything I can to support net neutrality, and internet freedom. It was Azureus’ Vuze beta site that gave me the video Humanity Lobotomy, which I enjoyed a great deal. In my opinion, it would be very hard indeed to stop Bit Torrent, Freenet, and other P2P systems. The faster you want to go, the less anonymity you have, the more anonymity the slower you go.

  134. Kesha Says:

    what an eye-opening experience! THANK YOU!

  135. Monkeymagic » Blog Archive » Net neutrality awareness Says:

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  136. Chris Kennedy Says:

    Keep it up, I don’t want to start another bbs.

  137. Chatterbox » Future Says:

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  138. Shirley Says:

    i’m writing a research paper on net neutrality and using your video as a source or information. thank you.
    : )

    this is a link to the paper i wrote.

  139. huckle Says:

    Tumbled and stumbled

  140. Infinite P Says:

    this is crazy. i have heard of it, but ignored it. Thank you for the Knowledge!!!

    “…And Knowing is Half the Battle!” -Duke, G.I. Joe

  141. Lguapo Says:

    I’m putting this everywhere i can, I almost broke down in tears when i heard of this. I’m trying to speak at local high schools to get support of the new voter’s. the people who are soon going to be in control of tomorrow. I feel i NEED to help. Great job on the video and i’ll do my part to help. FTW!!!!

  142. Lio Says:

    I would call it Open Shmource!

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  147. Aaron Says:

    This is going to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. VerizonRingtonesman Says:


    Check out what the government is pushing in Mobile Content. Maybe we can catch up with the rest of the worl in terms of cell phones.


  149. Patrick Says:

    Something is wrong here:

    “# Lawrence Wilson Says:
    November 18th, 2006 at 1:45 am

    On the slide “How could something so firmly planted in reality disapear?”
    change the spelling of the final word to the correct: “disappear” (too “p”s).

    Excellent message.”

  150. naisioxerloro Says:

    Good design, who make it?

  151. PellSalknef Says:

    very interesting point of view, has never been conceived of this :)

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