The Seal  
Description: The outstanding feature of the Seal is the stylized Angel of Peace centered with outstretched wings.

Around the Angel, from the top and moving clockwise:
24 point star representing the 21 municipalities of the Republic. The four longer rays represent the 4 sub-centers of Majuro (the capital), Jaluit, Wotje, and Kwajalein Atolls.

On either side of the star are the rays which are on the flag. Each ray is of two colors, one, orange representing bravery, and the other, white representing peace. The two-colored rays also represent the two chains of atolls, the Ratak (Sunrise) and the Ralik (Sunset).

Next is a stylized fishing net, fish being the main staple of the diet of the Marshallese people.

Next, a stylized sailing canoe, outrigger type, sails on the ocean (covering the bottom 1/3 of the seal).

Under the stick chart is the word "SEAL."

An island with stylized palm trees (coconut) is next. All of the Marshall Islands are low lying atolls.

Above the right wing of the Angel is a "pounder", made out of a giant clam shell, and treasured by every family that owns one. This pounder is used to pound pandanus leaves, which are used for making mats, sails, and, traditionally, clothing.

Around the outer edges are the words "Republic of the Marshall Islands" and at the bottom, "Jepilpilin ke ejukaan."

The rim of the seal is a link chain representing that the islands are all linked together, half of the chain representing the Ralik group and the other half the Ratak.

Protection of the Seal: A person who uses the seal or a representation of it, or anything that so resembles the seal as to be calculated to deceive or advertise or promote any commercial purposes, or for any purpose whatsoever without the permission of the Cabinet, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction, be subject to a fine of not less than $500 and no more than $2500, a term of imprisonment of not less that 6 months nor more than one year or both. Each individual use of the seal shall be considered a separate offense.


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