This page exists for historic interest only. I thought of putting it online just because someone might find this information useful.

Update: As of 16th June 2004, I haven't even been verified by the Police. I heard that some other people who wrote the exam with me got a call from local Police. So I made a trip to the local police station, which was very far off, but they haven't recieved any letter from Ministry of Communication. I also sent this letter to the WPC as registered post with acknowledgement. I feel, it's totally insane to check and verify address when any citizen can send and recieve encrypted message over the web or freely own a cellphone in India.

29th Oct 2004: Several hams offered help, particularly Sarath Babu of NIAR, Rajeev VU2OCY and others who are trying their best to get more info from WPC, New Delhi. Meanwhile, I have shot off another letter to the WPC today.

20th Oct 2004: I just called the Engineer-in-charge for Amateur section at WPC, New Delhi and asked for his name. I was greeted back with "today is a holiday", nothing else was uttered!

17th Nov, 2004: Thanks to the efforts of Mrs Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI and Mr Sarath Babu, VU3RSB, I learnt that the IB verification has not happened for me!! So I was asked to submit another "personal particulars" form in four copies together with all previous correspondence, which I did right away. I also spoke to Mr. Irshad Ahmed of WPC, who echoed the same thing. So here I am at that point. It looks like a fresh IB verification thing will be scheduled now, so yet another wait for 3-6 months.

9th Dec, 2004: It looks like there was a high level meeting by Govt officials from Home Ministry, DoT with representatives from NIAR, ARSI, Vigyan Prasar etc, and they have decided to amend the Indian Telegraph Act, and also decided to do away with Police Verification etc. This email has the details. Anyway, this development is good for Amateur Radio in India. As with other things with Govt of India, these proposals may see the light only after "afew" years, unless some enlightened soul takes initiatives. Anyway, with regard to my license, I firmly decided that enough is enough, I won't pursue it anymore. If it comes my way, well and good. I have clearly lost interest in it for now. All my energy is now focussed on my free software activities.

10th Feb, 2005: Lots of things happened in the past few days. I was contacted by my teacher, friend and elmer, Prof. T.K. Mani who gave me a contact in New Delhi. who found out today that my IB clearance was over long back and that WPC sent me a letter on 24th May, 2004, asking me to send the DD for Rs.60/- towards the license fee. This said letter never reached me!! And the DD I sent later in november seem to be untracable. So here I am, almost one year since that letter was sent, trying to send the DD again. I will be sending the DD tomorrow again. In another development, VU2FI, Satyapal (who helped me write and pass the exam) has asked me to send the DD. So, a lot of offers for help is pouring in, but none is fetching results.

10th Mar, 2005: I got my license by registered post. My callsign is VU3RDD and the license number is 30905. The cover was torn and was bent. The license was also torn a bit. May be I will scan it and put it here.

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