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Candlestick Point SRA
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From Candlestick Point State Recreation, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay, the East Bay Hills,San Bruno Mountain as well as relax in the peaceful scenery of the park itself. Its location on the western shoreline of the San Francisco Bay provides a variety of recreational opportunities from windsurfing, fishing, bird watching and walking. The trails, group picnic sites and fishing piers at this urban park offer a get-away of open space and outdoor activities.  Candlestick Point SRA was the first California State Park unit developed to bring state park values into the urban setting. From historic wetlands to landfill to landscaped park, Candlestick Point demonstrates major land use changes of the San Francisco Bay. Its name is derived from 19th century locals who thought the burning of nearby abandoned sailing ships and their flaming masts in the bay resembled lighted candlesticks.
Take the Candlestick Park exit off U.S. 101 in San Francisco. 
Seasons/Climate Recommended Clothing
The weather can be changeable; layered clothing is recommended.
Wind sheltered individual and group picnic areas with spectacular bay views provide visitors with enjoyable settings. Call ahead to the ranger office to reserve one of the four group picnic sites with large barbeque grills. 
Windsurfers enjoy the wind-whipped bay along Candlestick’s shores, primarily in the spring and summer.  

The park is popular for its fishing opportunities from its shores or its two public piers. The "Old Pier" on Jamestown Avenue is temporarily closed for rehabilitaion. The "Fishing Pier" at Sunrise Point remains open for use. Depending on the season, catches might include halibut, striped bass, perch or sturgeon.

Bird watching is best in the winter when migrant waterfowl and shorebirds are numerous in the bay, but pelicans, egrets and hawks can also be seen throughout the year. 

A fitness course along Candlestick’s popular shoreline walking trails is an asset to those who wish to stay in shape. 

The park’s Community Garden offers city folk individual garden plots to grow their own vegetables.

Candlestick Point SRA is a unique state park offering recreational opportunities to all to all Bay Area residents of all physical abilities and interests.
More about the park
It was first born during World War II as 170 acres of landfill that was going to be used as a U.S. Navy shipyard. After the war, the landfill remained, but without a purpose. Some of its neighbors found a purpose for it--an easy place to dump their garbage.

Other neighbors sought a different purpose; they wanted to turn it into a park, with grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers. In 1973, the state legislature set aside $10 million to purchase the land. In 1977, the California Legislature voted to develop the land as a state recreation area--the first urban state recreation area.

The park offers hiking, jogging, bicycling, bird watching, informal games, and picnicking.

There is a bike path and a fitness course for seniors, and--restrooms. Candlestick Point is also a popular entry point for windsurfing on the bay.

There are cultural programs and special events. On any given day, you can spot some of the park "regulars", who come to exercise, fish, and just enjoy the experience of "getting away from it all" that Candlestick provides. The park is truly a community park, with many frequent visitors from nearby Bayview/Hunter's Point.


Ranger office phone:
(415) 671-0145
Mail address:
1150 Carroll Avenue
San Francisco, Ca. 94124.
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