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Steve Ditko is one of the most famous comic-book artists in history. He has been working in comics for 55 years and has brought you characters diverse as Mr. A, Spider-Man, The Creeper, Captain Atom and Dr. Strange. Look it up...

Monday October 13, 2008

ITEM! First new Ditko stories in 8 years!
We're back with another update, and it's a big one, with news of the October release of Ditko's first new comic stories since 2000! Check out our New Ditko Artwork in 2008 page for all the details!

ITEM! World of Steve Ditko panel from San Diego '08!
At the July '08 San Diego Comicon, I held court with Kim Deitch, Gary Groth, Jim Starlin, Carl Potts and Liana K. on the "World of Steve Ditko" panel that celebrated the release of my new book. Now, you can listen to the audio and follow along at home with a .pdf of the images we discussed on the panel. Check out the Events/Appearances section of our Blake Bell's Steve Ditko Book page for all the details! We also added the audio to our appearance on the Talk Objectivism radio show that featured a round table with myself, Mort Todd, Javier Hernandez and host Jason Mosley.

ITEM! Ditkomania fanzine now available through Paypal!
Rob Imes, the new publisher of the revived Ditkomania fanzine is still kickin' out monthly installments, and he's now taking payments via Paypal! The October issue should be out in a matter of days, and it has another pin-up by Cerebus creator, Dave Sim. You can find out all the ordering information HERE.

Sunday August 17, 2008

ITEM! Ditko book sold out, 2nd edition on its way!
It's true! The book's publisher, Fantagraphics, has been wiped out of their copies and we're going back to press for the second edition. Check out the Project History section of our Blake Bell's Steve Ditko Book page for all the details, including the place where we'll house a list (and .pdf) of any revisions.

ITEM! Book gets a full page today in the New York Times!
Check out the Reviews/Media section to read a host of excellent reviews that have popped up in the last week, including today's full page in Sunday's New York Times Book Review section!

ITEM! Blake at Toronto Fan Expo next Sat/Sun!
Don't forget that, at the Toronto Fan Expo on Saturday and Sunday, I'll be signing copies of my Ditko book and doing a presentation at 2pm on Saturday, so come by and say hi! Keep your eye on the Events/Appearances section!

Sunday August 10, 2008

ITEM! Blake on the radio tonight and more appearances!
I'm on Talk Objectivism tonight at 8pm EST for an hour discussing my book, so check out the Events/Appearances section of our Blake Bell's Steve Ditko Book page for all the details!

Thursday August 7, 2008

ITEM! More reviews! More radio appearances!
We're still coming down from our recent trips to the ends of the earth researching my next book (on Bill Everett), and we've compiled quite a list of reviews, interviews and radio appearances for your viewing and listening pleasure! Check out Reviews/Media section and Events/Appearances section of our Blake Bell's Steve Ditko Book page for all the details!

Saturday August 2, 2008

ITEM! San Diego Report!
We're back from the San Diego Comic-Con and have a million stories to tell, including the book selling out everywhere, the panel and documentary showing being stunning successes, and plenty more Ditko-related tidbits! It all starts in our Events/Appearances section of our Blake Bell's Steve Ditko Book page!

Tuesday July 22, 2008

ITEM! Leavin' on a jet plane for San Diego!
Less than 11 hours from now I'll be heading out to the airport to catch a plane to the San Diego Comic-Con for the first time since 2003! If you're attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con, come say hi at any one of the multiple signings at the Fantagraphics booth and at a couple of special Ditko events too! Check out our schedule in the Events/Appearances section of our Blake Bell's Steve Ditko Book page!

ITEM! The interview that ended all interviews!
We're back with another "In Between The Covers" entry, where we take a deeper look behind the production of my "World of Steve Ditko" book! Today's entry is a huge one! It's the original notes of former Eclipse Comics editor-in-chief Cat Yronwode from her 1983 interview with Ditko's brother Pat that caused all the mayhem and led to Ditko withdrawing his sanction from the "Art of Steve Ditko" that Eclipse was going to publish the following year! The entry can be found in our Project History section!

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