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To maintain and promote esprit de corps and comradeship amongst all RAF Regiment personnel, both past and present, in order to promote the good name, reputation and traditions of the Corps

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The RAF Regiment Association is proud to remember those past and present who have served in its ranks.

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  RAF Regiment Commemorative Painting - 'THE BATTLE OF AL WAKI - 2007'

RAF Regiment Commemorative Painting - 'THE BATTLE OF AL WAKI - 2007'


You will no doubt be aware of the ferocious firefight involving No1 Squadron RAF Regiment and Iraqi militant forces in Al Waki Market, Basra, in July 2007. Sadly, LAC Martin Beard was Killed in Action, but the Corps acquitted itself magnificently despite overwhelming odds. The action was, of course, recognized subsequently by the award of a Military Cross to Corporal David Hayden and a Mention in Despatches to Senior Aircraftman Ben Wharton. The Commandant General has agreed that this notable engagement should be commemorated and recorded for future generations of the Corps. We have duly approached Mr Stuart Brown, an outstanding artist who specializes in military subjects and is best known for his Special Forces subjects. He has also undertaken commissions for the Jordanian Royal Family.


His high quality, dynamic style promises us a truly impressive piece of fine art of which we can all be proud. Indeed, even the preliminary sketches provided by Mr Brown are quite superb. The total cost for the oil painting and some 600 limited-edition prints, will be around £7,750; the prints will of course provide a subsequent source of revenue for the RAF Regiment Fund. To secure the sum required to commission the piece, I ask you, on behalf of the Commandant General, to consider making personal contributions. Cheques may be made payable to 'RAF Regiment Fund', and sent to: Al Waki Painting, c/o The RAF Regiment Secretary, RAF Honington, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1EE.


We have an opportunity to acquire a fitting and dynamic commemoration, of outstanding quality, that will pay tribute not only to this specific engagement, but to all the members of our Corps who continue to serve their country so magnificently and with such regularity on operations. We do hope that you will feel able to support this exciting and worthwhile project.


Download Flyer and Order Form

  MOD Videos of II Squadron RAF Regiment in Iraq

II Squadron RAF Regiment are featured on the RAF Careers website which tells the story of II Sqn's deployment to OP TELLIC (Iraq). Find our more and look at the videos.

  United Kingdom National Defence Association (UKNDA)
The United Kingdom National Defence Association (UKNDA) purpose is:
To campaign for SUFFICIENT, APPROPRIATE and FULLY FUNDED ARMED FORCES that the Nation needs to defend effectively our Country, its people, their security and vital interests at home and worldwide.
  From the Chairman of the RAF Regiment Association

Group Captain Steven Brereton Martin CBE RAF (Ret’d) National Chairman

Group Captain Steven Brereton Martin, National Chairman of th RAF Regiment AssociationThe RAF Regiment Association offers a warm welcome to all members of the RAF Regiment, whether still serving or long-since retired.
As you will see from this website, the RAF Regiment Association has a number of Branches where members can meet and socialise with friends, old and new, to share and extend the fellowship of service.  If you cannot, or prefer not to, join a Branch, you can hold individual membership of the RAF Regiment Association by joining the HQ Roll.  Either way, you will be made very welcome.
We were all members of a unique and respected fighting force and it is right that we should continue to share in the pride of our service as Rock Apes.

Per Ardua
Steven Brereton Martin 
  Find Out More About The History of The RAF Regiment
  Calling all WWII veterans and specifically in the war against Germany


Dr Nigel Warwick is the historian who wrote the book: Constant Vigilance: The RAF Regiment in the Burma Campaign. He is seeking information from those veterans of World War 2 to inform future volumes of the Corps History. 

To enable Dr Warwick to make contact with appropriate people for follow-up communications, interviews etc. he would like our veterans involved in World War 2 and specifically in the war against Germany to complete a questionnaire, which can be downloaded by clicking this link.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this PDF document, you can download Adobe Reader here

This material will be used in the preparation of further volumes of the history of the RAF Regiment in the Second World War. An important aspect of gathering material for a book of this kind is to obtain personal accounts from those who actually served in the Regiment during these campaigns. Historical documents such as the Operations Record Book (Form 540) and official reports will be used to provide a solid structure to the book, however, personal stories and views of those involved on the ground provide a further and vital dimension.

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A new range of quality Silver-Gilt RAF Regiment Cufflinks is now available.

Made by Collins & Sons, the Crown Jewellers, they are in Sterling Silver but 'Dead Gilt & Burnished', which means they are hard gold plated. They have a chain link fitting with an engravable oval disc. The Special Introductory Price is £47.50 a pair, plus £4.50 P&P Ins (Special Delivery).

A 9ct Gold version will also be available on Special Order (Price On Application, but sit down before asking). Those requiring further details should contact the Wing Commander M R Hooker RAF (Retd), RAF Regiment Secretary at RAF Honington 01359 23 7824.

Download an Order Form Here for RAF Regiment Cufflinks

RAF Regiment Blazer Buttons.

The RAF Regiment Museum is proud to sponsor, and offer for sale, a unique set of RAF Regiment Blazer Buttons. Manufactured exclusively for the Corps, the buttons are made by none other than G E Collins and Sons Ltd, Crown Jewellers. The finish of the buttons is known as 'Dead Gilt & Burnished', which means they are gilded in a matt finish and the highlights are then polished by hand to give a bright polished finish; hence there are two differing contrasts on the button. Available in sets of 6 large and 8 cuff buttons; the earlier 6 6 sets are no longer supplied. Magnificently boxed, the button sets may be ordered direct from the Museum. All profits from the sale will go towards the Museum Refurbishment Project.

Download an Order Form Here for RAF Regiment Blazer Buttons

  Copyright of Photographs on this Site
Many of the photographs used on this website have Crown Copyright and are reproduced courtesy of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), RAF Regiment Squadrons, RAF Regiment Association and individuals. Reproduction of these images may only be done for personal use and not for any commercial purpose. Reproduction of these images in other publications is only allowed with the written authority of the appropriate MOD representative via the National Secretary of the RAF Regiment Association.
  The RAF Regiment Through The Years

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  RAF Regiment Association Announcements
All members will be greatly saddened to learn that Willie Downie died suddenly on 18th November 2008.  He had only recently decided to retire from the active chaplaincy of the Association for “a second retirement” after many years of service and he will be greatly mourned by all members of the Association.

AVM Graham Stacey  Air Cdre G E Stacey is to be promoted AVM and is to assume the appointment as Senior British Military Advisor to US Central Command (CENTCOM) at Tampa, Florida, on 18 Mar 09.
Gp Capt N Bray  Bray is to assume the appointment of RAF FP Force Comdr and Stn Comdr RAF Honington on 19 Dec 08.
Gp Capt R La Forte is to undertake the Higher Command and Staff Course at Shrivenham in Jan 09.

Parcels to Operationally Deployed Units in Iraq and Afghanistan - 08 October 2008

We have just been in receipt of a message from the Regimental Secretary.  He has had a request for us to stop being so generous in sending so many goodies to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Because of the overwhelming response from people like ourselves who support the lads over there, the amount of transport aircraft space has been overwhelmed with mail; some 140000 pieces of it.  All of these have to be checked for contraband and politically sensitive items and then posted on to the troops.  This causes delays in getting personal letters through to individuals. More importantly, it delays the air freight of operational items which contribute significantly to the operational effectiveness and safety of the troops  So the BFPO would like you to desist sending stuff out unless it is addressed to a specific individual, especially in the run up to Xmas.  If you wish to make a contribution you can make a donations may be made direct to Forces' charities, such as UK4U Thanks!, the RAF Benevolent Fund, the British Legion, Poppyscotland, SSAFA and Help4Heroes or, indeed, the RAF Regt Fund.   You may even encourage your local branch to put on some rockape beer for the troops on their return from operations.  Please pass this on to all members and acquaintances.


HRH Prince Harry - Appointment as Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington - 25 September 2008

HM The Queen (our Air Commodore in Chief) has graciously approved the appointment of HRH Prince Harry as Honorary Air Commandant (HACmdt) of RAF Honington.

Note that the title is not Honorary Air Commodore, since he is a serving officer, like his elder brother, HRH Prince William, who has also been appointed HACmdt of RAF Coningsby. T

he chosen title confers no rank, thus allowing the Prince to use his current serving rank during visits, should he wish to do so.

This is a signal honour for the Station and yet more evidence of Honington's relevance, operational focus and profile. More details will be published in due course.


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