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README. On the 16th November 2008 the Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork (PIEQF) completed a 91 day cycle of continuous and autonomous machine connectivity with the seismic landscape of California. This conceptual and No trace 21st Century Earthwork momentarily appeared at the following GPS Co-Ordinates; 35 53′58.40″N 120 26′01.08″W.


Two years in planning, culminating in 77 days to assemble and 8 days to dismantle, the only relics left onsite will remain buried beneath what is the NoW closed PIEQF site. If you were to visit the remote township of Parkfield, Central Califonia today you would find little physical evidence this machine earthwork actually took place. Unlike the permanent and Monumental Earthworks scattered within the landscape of West Coast USA, PIEQF will now assume a life and identity as a collection of bits and bytes of data.

During this one quarter year period between 08162008 - 11162008 PIEQF was triggered by 4000 + / - 4500 Californian seismic events. Individual event IDS were allocated and have been archived by USGS databases. 43000 WebCam frames were disseminated Live via the internet during the 91 days of intervention. 7,862,400 seconds of analogue VCR recording will now assume a process of digitization. Photographs were taken and a selection can be found here within the PIEQF Image Archive. A twitter feed is archived HERE.

Many talented and generous people contributed to this open source and ambitiously experimental story. Particular thanks to Andy Michael, Dr Geo Homsy, Stock and Mr Snow.

Extensive video documentation was also produced by Christina McPhee and photographer Scott Haefner captured a series of wonderful Kite Aerial Photographs on behalf of the USGS. Gerald Bawden of the USGS, Sacramento produced a series of point cloud data LIDAR scans.

Numerous photographs by visitors to PIEQF were taken and many are scattered within the social media archives of FlickR. Youtube videos will continue to pop up.

D.V.Rogers will spend the most part of 2009 compiling this vast collection of documentation produced and actively seeks commissions and funding from institutions, art collectors, philanthropists and publishers. A book, dvd releases, editioned photographic prints and a Virtual 3d LIDAR based model is in planning. The software engine sources that interfaced PIEQF to geological time will eventually be made public.

10,000 words is also being written.

31st January 2009

PIEQF Video by Carl Fischer

Reverse Faulting


PIEQF Shake Table Assemblage Removed

Last Frame @ PIEQF Webcam

Removal of shake table complete, hydraulic pump removed. NOW for control bunker and step up transformer. PIEQF Stream box has been disconnected. The last frame remains on the PIEQF Webcam HERE.

Rain is due to fall in Parkfield tonight or tomorrow. Container is being packed and Thanks Giving Looms and very much looking forward to it.

77 Days to assemble and test PIEQF, 91 days of continuous autonomous operation, 8 days to Remove, 43000 Webcam Frames, 7862400 Seconds of long play recording and 4-4500 Seismic Events. ( To Be Tallied)

Why Thanks Very Much !

Shake Rattle & Roll

Sounds of Seismic on Saturday night the 15th November evolved into a
dance party scene straight out of Gibson’s “Neuromancer“. The P-Wave and S-Wave dance moves were created! Interactive dance art! The shake table did more work in three hours on Saturday night than it had over 3 months of activity. Dr Geo Homsy performed some wonderful and sublime machine translations. A night to remember for many years to come.


Andy Michael and guests performed Earthquake Quartet # 1 on the shake table at Sunday 12.30pm. The last activity of PIEQF followed with a closing Fanfare using the shake table, trombone and midi triggered seismic sounds.




A weekend to remember. Thanks to so many from FLG and SRL who made there way down to Parkfield from San Francisco for the weekend. Thankyou Andy Michael and quests for performing the quartet. A quality gathering.

Sounds of Seismic


Sounds of Seismic
15th -16th November 2008
Parkfield California USA
Where Earthquakes & Cowboys Meet

Free Seismic Event from 3pm onwards Saturday 15th November 2008

The closing and final weekend of the performance earthwork: Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork (PIEQF). Sounds of Seismic celebrates 91 days of continuous machine connectivity with the seismic landscape of California.

Machine translations by Dr Geo Homsy (SRL & LHPO) mixed with assorted seismic audio snips, shake rock, pop and hop, cowboys and cowgirls and Mr Cash. Earthquake Quartet performance by USGS Seismologist Andy Michael and guests at 12pm (Noon) Sunday 16th November.

Sound System provided by Bill Gaines Audio (SLO)

Free RV Parking and Camping in Parkfield.

Where is Parkfield?

Geophotographic Non-Fiction


The Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork will stay ‘Live’ only until the 16th November before this machine earthwork is de-commissioned and excavated trench is closed up and repatriated.

This final weekend of PIEQF the 15th & 16th November 2008 finishes with the free public event Sounds of Seismic.

A critical period of documentation is planned to take place over the next two weeks;

Would GeoEye and Google Earth Inc produce a satellite image of PIEQF and build it into Google Earth?

PIEQF GPS Co-Ordinates
35 53′58.40″ N 120 26′01.08″ W


Helicopter and Fixed Wing Aircraft plus pilots have been sourced to fly over Parkfield producing aerial footage of PIEQF. A series of Kite Aerial Photographs (KAP) were been taken by Scott Haefner on the 29th September, click HERE to view.



High resolution LIDAR scans were taken by Gerald Bawden of the USGS on the 6th October. These LIDAR scans will be used to create and develop a virtual Point Cloud and real time document of PIEQF during 2009.

Click HERE to view PIEQF LIDAR animation sample.

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Walter Benjamin (1936)


Can you contribute and make a DONATION to having these significant geophotographic documents produced?

The Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork has been realised on very minimal funds. On paper PIEQF should not have happend. PIEQF is an unfunded project and needs your support to complete these final stages of documentation and closing of the installation. One debt also needs to be cleared.

PIEQF has been supported by numerous individuals and companies with sponsorship in kind and some financial assistance. Continued support is still required. Tax deductible donations can be made via Artsabout in Sydney, Australia and via The Lab in San Francisco. Donations can also be made direct via a Paypal account .

Email for more details if you can contribute financially to assist with the closing of PIEQF and expenses required to produce aerial footage.

Why Thanks Very Much.


Seismic Art Installation


USGS Press Release 10/15/2008

D.V. Rogers quotes “PIEQF is a conceptual intervention within geological time. Collaborating with USGS scientists has enabled a linkage between earth science and art, enabling a vehicle to broaden and expand the reach of earthquake awareness, education and preparedness for the people of California using a contemporary cultural model.”

“The Parkfield installation embodies the extra dimension that art brings to science, helping to visualize what’s going on below the surface in a way science can’t on its own,” quotes USGS Seismologist and Collaborator Andy Michael.

View USGS page about PIEQF

Interactive PIEQF Quicktime VR by Scott Haefner, USGS

Links to Recent Press Coverage

San Luis Obispo The Tribune 09/28/2008
Paso Robles Press 09/26/2008
Tools of the Trade : Christina McPhee’s Shake Stations 09/25/2008

PIEQF Postcard


To download the original PIEQF postcard artwork, click HERE.

If you would like a PIEQF postcard sent to you via snail mail anywhere in the world send letter or postcard with your address to:

c/o Parkfield Cafe
70410 Parkfield Coalinga Rd
Parkfield, CA, 93451, USA

Deadline 1st December 2008

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Click HERE to Download the V2 18″x 24″PIEQF Display Board Artwork

Bonus Click HERE to Download PIEQF Concept Proposal 2007


PIEQF Kite Aerial Photography




Photos by Scott Haefner Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) USGS

DONATIONS required to charter a light plane for aerial filming and purchase satellite imagery.

Can You Contibute?

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