New Gene Name for Nude Mice

JAX® Bulletin #6
May 25, 2000

Effective May 4, 2000, the gene nomenclature for nude mutant mice changed from Hfh11nu to Foxn1nu (see Table 1 below). The nomenclature was previously updated from nu to Hfh11nu, when the gene was cloned and identified as a mutation in the HNF-3/forkhead homolog 11 gene (Segre et al., 1995). Further research has delineated the structure of the HNF3 (hapatocyte nuclear factor 3) domain and identified the gene as a member of the Fox gene family (Kaestner et al., 2000).

Fox (forkhead box) has been adopted as the symbol for all winged helix/forkhead transcription factors characterized by a 100 amino acid DNA-binding domain. The FOX proteins have been assigned to subclasses based on phylogenetic analysis, with each subclass given a specific letter. Within each subclass, proteins are given a specific number.

Corresponding names follow the format of, "Fox, subclass N, member X". All gene symbols are italicized. For human nomenclature, all letters are capitalized (e.g., FOXN1), for mice, only the first letter is capitalized (e.g., Foxn1), and for all other species, the first letter and the subclass letters are capitalized (e.g., FoxN1).


Authors in bold indicate Jackson Laboratory scientists

  • Segre JA, Nemhauser JL, Taylor BA, Nadeau JH, Lander ES. 1995. Positional cloning of the nude locus: genetic, physical, and transcription maps of the region and mutations in the mouse and rat. Genomics 28:549-559.
  • Kaestner KH, Knöchel W, Martinez, DE. 2000. Unified nomenclature for the winged helix/forkhead transcription factors. Genes & Devel 14:142-146.

Table 1: New Gene Names for Nude Mice Strains

Stock No. New Strain Name Former Strain Name
000820 AKR/J-Foxn1nu-str/+ (AKR/J-Hfh11nu-str/+)
000521 B6.AKR-Foxn1nu-str (C57BL/6J-Hfh11nu-str)
000819 B6.Cg-Foxn1nu (C57BL/6J-Hfh11nu)
000711 CBy.Cg-Foxn1nu (BALB/cByJ-Hfh11nu)
100402 CByB6F1/J-Foxn1nu (CByB6F1/J-Hfh11nu)
002019 NU/J Foxn1nu (NU/J Hfh11nu)