W3C Annotea


Annotea is a LEAD (Live and Early ADoption) project enhancing the W3C collaboration environment with shared annotations using W3C standards. By annotations we mean comments, notes, explanations, or other types of external remarks that can be attached to any Web document or a selected part of the document without actually needing to touch the document. In this project, we use a special RDF annotation schema for describing annotations as metadata and XPointer for locating the annotations in the annotated document.

The annotations are stored externally in annotation servers and presented to the user by a client capable of understanding annotation metadata and capable of interacting with an annotation server. Amaya is the first such client to implements these capabilities but nothing prevents other clients in implementing these capabilities too; the service protocol is HTTP. The current Amaya user interface for annotations is presented in Amaya documentation.

To be able to use the annotations the user needs to do the following:

It is also possible to install your own annotation server. We encourage others to install the server. Read the Annotea service installation instructions for further information.

Feedback on the service in general can be sent to www-annotation, a publicly archived mailing list. It is an existing list discussing in annotation services and approaches in general. Amaya and server problems can be reported to www-amaya.


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