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Helping you get the best loose diamond for your dollar is our goal. Regardless of the diamonds carat size, clarity, color or shape the cost of a loose diamond is really the bottom line. No matter what your budget, we have the best available prices for certified loose diamonds anywhere. A&W Diamonds will save you money on the diamond of your dreams!

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Finding your dream loose diamond has never been easier or quicker.New Loose Diamonds added daily.

Loose Diamonds - Round

Loose Diamonds - Round

Also known as the Round Brilliant Cut loose diamond it is the most popular cut in the market. Researches show that 75% of the loose diamonds being sold are Round Brilliant. Round Cut Loose Diamonds can be used on a wide variety of settings.

Loose Diamonds - Princess

Loose Diamonds - Princess

In 1980, two gentlemen from the LA based Ambar Company, Bezalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz, unveiled the Princess Cut Loose Diamond. At the time, this cut was considered too 'avant garde' but it gradually won the hearts of consumers. Today, the patented Princess Cut is one of the most popular shapes used for loose diamonds.

Loose Diamonds - Heart

Loose Diamonds - Heart

Some people think that the heart-shaped loose diamond cut came to existence when a jeweler noticed a flaw or an imperfection on the top of a pear-shaped diamond, and that the only way to remove that flaw is to put a cleft where the flaw is located. Maybe the cleft came about because of human error. And again, maybe this shape was made by an incurable romantic.

Loose Diamonds - Marquise

Loose Diamonds - Marquise

The Marquise Cut is another cutting technique that produces an unusually shaped but fascinating stone. A marquise cut, when viewed from above, has a girdle that is shaped like a boat; and like the brilliant type cut, the original cut from which it evolved from, the Marquise loose diamond has almost the same number and placement of facets.

Loose Diamonds  - Asscher

Loose Diamonds - Asscher

The Asscher Cut Loose Diamond was unveiled in the year 1902 by the Dutch Asscher Brothers of the Asscher Diamond Company. The cut was inspired by the table cuts prevalent during the Renaissance period and was a change from the round cuts that prevailed during the 1800s. Since it closely resembles the Emerald Cut, the Asscher Cut is also known as the Square Emerald Cut.

Loose Diamonds  - Emerald

Loose Diamonds - Emerald

The Emerald Cut is called as such because the cut is used originally for the dazzling green Emerald. An emerald cut loose diamond has a rectangular shape but the corners are cropped or truncated. The purpose of this is not merely for aesthetics but primarily to remove the potential weak points in the stone because in square or rectangular shaped gemstones.

Loose Diamonds - Pear

Loose Diamonds - Pear

A pear shaped cut loose diamond can best be described as a combination of an oval or round and a marquise. At one end, it has softly rounded shoulders and these shoulders taper gradually towards a single point at the other end of the stone. Pear shaped loose diamonds often resemble a teardrop and because of the unique shape, it is quite versatile.

Loose Diamonds - Cushion

Loose Diamonds - Cushion

Another popular loose diamond cut is called the cushion or pillow cut which may have emerged in the 1800s when Brazil became one of the leading sources of diamonds in the market. The cushion cut was prevalent from the period 1830 until the turn of the century. There has been a resurgence of cushion cut loose diamonds in recent years.

Loose Diamonds Radiant

Loose Diamonds - Radiant

About 20 years ago, a new fancy cut for loose diamonds was unveiled. This cut, called the Radiant Cut, combines dignified shape of the Emerald Cut, and the scientific cuts of round loose diamonds. Because of the way these two factors were merged to create this shape, a radiant cut diamond has the quiet simplicity of the Emerald and the brilliance and fire of Round cut gems.

Loose Diamonds Oval

Loose Diamonds - Oval

An Oval Cut loose diamond can be said to have developed from the round brilliant cut or is patterned after the round cut - only it is narrower. Some oval cut loose diamonds have the same number of facets as its predecessor, although most are have one or 2 facets less than the round. The oval diamond is sometimes referred to as an 'oval modified brilliant diamond'.

Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds - Triangle

The trilliant cut loose diamond features a unique triangle form with three equal sides and 50 facets. This exquisite cut loose diamond maintains its own brilliance and fire. Not really intended for formal occasions like an engagement or wedding but more as a vanity purchase.

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Purchasing a Loose Diamond Nowadays

Purchasing a loose diamond today is a rare occasion because of its high dollar value and emotional value. But when you do purchase one, it will without doubt be a lifetime investment with no regrets. These days, investors and diamond lovers have a choice between purchasing a loose diamonds or loose diamonds for jewelry implying, a diamond ring, diamond earrings, diamond bracelet or a diamond necklace.Now, before actually buying your loose diamond, it's advisable that you learn about what qualities to look for in this gem. Keep in mind that you'll be spending more than a small amount of your savings and of course, you want to be able to get a quality certified loose diamond. So, it's best to learn about the loose diamond and its characteristics.

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