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Bambi honour for Jackson

Bambi honour for Jackson

Actor Samuel L Jackson has been among the esteemed celebrities who've been honoured at the Bambi awards.It's Germany's most prestigious media accolade that celebrates stars from the world of entertainment, culture, sports and politics.Celebrities and guests attended the ceremony at Stuttgart's Mercedes museum.Samuel L. Jackson won in the Film International category, and said he was pleased to receive it amongst his other awards.He said: "You can't rank prizes. I don't compare - you get them, you appreciate them, it's something I didn't expect."So, it's a pleasant surprise. It will have a special place along with the silver bear and other prizes I have at home I kinda hide and keep to myself so I'll have it and I'll feel good about it."He added: "It's great to be acknowledged for the hard work you put in."The Scissor Sisters won in the shooting star category, while German-born queen Silvia of Sweden received an honourary Bambi for her "outstanding involvement for children."Other attendees included Nelly Furtado, Boris Becker, Victoria Beckham, and German-born fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.© Independent Television News Limited 2006. All rights reserved.

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