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These pages are compiled to inform you about Baarle in general about its history and of course about its enclaves.

Baarle consists of TWO municipalities, TWO nationalities and still is ONE village, ONE community.
Baarle is situated in the center of the triangle formed by the cities of Breda, Tilburg and Turnhout.

In Baarle you can do your shopping very well. There are a lot of Belgian and Dutch shops. The shops are always open on sundays. This is quite unique.

The surrounding area offers a lot to the visitor. There are camp sites, hotels and bed & breakfast oppertunities enough. The Tourist Information (VVV) can inform you about possibilities. On these pages you can start your virtual tour through Baarle.

This website provides all necessary information about Baarle

On this website we offer you a variety of information about Baarle, the unique enclave village with its double nationality.

The village of Baarle consists of Belgian Baarle-Hertog and Dutch Baarle-Nassau.

Digital Baarle contains general and historical information of Baarle-Hertog, Baarle-Nassau, the Enclaves and the hamlets of Castelré, Ulicoten and Zondereigen.

We wish you a lot of pleasure during your virtual visit to Baarle.

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