The Jenna Druck Foundation

Jenna Druck PhotoWelcome. The Jenna Druck Foundation was founded in 1996 to honor and continue the legacy of a remarkable young woman.

The Foundation has developed two programs, Young Women’s Leadership and Families Helping Families. These programs were established to serve two different groups, but they both bring hope and inspiration to those whose lives they touch.

Young Women’s Leadership (YWL) was established to honor Jenna’s accomplishments as a leader by providing leadership training and opportunities to upcoming young women. The highlight of the program is a Leadership Conference held each April, attended by over 800 young women, and featuring keynote speakers on a broad range of topics related to leadership and young women.

Families Helping Families (FHF) was created to serve people in their journey through grief. Families Helping Families is unique in its approach, focusing on a recognition and respect for the belief that grief is individual, and there is no correct answer or ready solution for overcoming grief. Over 250 families are supported each year through individual and group facilitation. Hundreds more are helped by using the program as a first step on their individual journey.

The programs of The Jenna Druck Foundation have touched and inspired thousands – either providing encouragement and support to families in their darkest and most difficult hours, or encouraging young women to fulfill their dreams.

We encourage you to explore our website, and to become a part of the The Jenna Druck Foundation family.

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