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Honduras Transportation Guide/Map of Honduras
There is no doubt that the world economic outlook has put a damper on the Honduran economy. The mortgage crisis, the international oil prices, and the weak dollar present a rather dull forecast to economic growth in the country. However, despite pessimistic forecasts and inflationary pressures, tourism to Honduras has remained relatively healthy. It is apparent that the decisions to go ahead with the investment to build infrastructure and develop the Bay of Tela into an important world class destination has been not only sound, but right on the dot!

Other important investments under way are the building of the cruise ship passenger in Roatan, that is scheduled to be ready by November, in time for the cruise ship industry's high season in the Caribbean, as well as a series of upgraded highways that include the El Progreso to Tela and the Tegucigalpa to Comayagua four lane highways. These two projects, scheduled to begin construction shortly, will help consolidate the growth that Honduras has been experiencing in tourism.

We sincerely hope that with the upcoming primary elections in Honduras, the current government does not get distracted and allows public spending to get out of control. Today, more than ever, we need our government to focus on developing tourism and allowing it to become one of the pillars of the Honduran Economy.

- John Dupuis