Bigfoot Photos

Photos of Bigfoot?  

This photo page of Bigfoot images is to show some of the more famous Bigfoot photos that
have been seen on TV and passed around the Internet.  Some of the Bigfoot photos are
believed to be real, authentic evidence, while others are known to be hoaxes.

Let us begin with the most infamous of Bigfoot photos (actually stills from the
Patterson-Gimlin 1967 video), and considered to be a benchmark of Bigfoot photos by
Bigfoot researchers throughout the United States.  Is it the best of Bigfoot photos?
bigfoot photo pictures
Bigfoot photos
The Bigfoot photos to the left (and
below) have been analyzed, re-analyzed,
and disputed for decades, as many
staunchly believe them to be authentic,
while skeptics believe the Bigfoot photos
of the two men to be an elaborate scam.  
We must admit, if it is a man in a
, then it is a very, very good job.  
Simply because it has had so much
support by a few in the academia world,
makes it even more credible of the
Bigfoot photos on this page.  The other
Bigfoot photos have been figured out or
disproven to most Bigfoot watchers

Below are two more photos of the
Bigfoot taken from the same film which
was shot in Bluff Creek, California.
Bigfoot photos
Bigfoot photos
Bigfoot Photos
The Bigfoot photo to the right shows a foot print taken at
Bluff Creek in 1967.  Was it man made or Bigfoot
made?  You decide...
The following Bigfoot photos are known fakes.  The first of the Bigfoot photos was taken in 1995 by
Cliff Crook.  Many believe this to be a small doll model posed in a pool of water:
Bigfoot Photos Bigfoot photos
To the right is
the next of our
faux Bigfoot
photos.  It was
produced by
UPN for Fox
TV and was
taken from
what's now
known as the
Snow Walker
Bigfoot  video.
Ray Wallace is credited with this hugely
disputed of Bigfoot photos (below center),
as it was taken before the digital age and is
most likely just a good example of a man in
a monkey suit.  Ray claims he purchased
the photo for $10,000 from a wildlife
photographer for a Strange Magazine.

There are many more Bigfoot photos we
could post, some holding up to intense
scrutinizing, while others quickly fooling no
one.  With so many (such as these) of the
Bigfoot photos out there being dis-proven,
doesn't it seem most likely that all of them
are not real, true evidence?  Living in the
digital age, almost anyone with good
editing software can create a believable
prank to be added to the Hall of Bigfoot
photos infamy.

If we are going to believe in Bigfoot, can we
please just have one real
Bigfoot photo
from someone, other than Patterson?  
Bigfoot photos generated from videos
has been common.  The Marks Bigfoot
to the left was taken from the vid, but is
not real according to most experts in
Bigfoot research.
Bigfoot photos
Bigfoot photos
This website is intended for entertainment purposes only.  It is for fun, and fictional at best.  Hope you enjoyed your visit to Bigfoot Photos!
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