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Stonch -

Alan, I was sent a copy of this by the published but hadn't yet opened it. I didn't realise you'd written a chapter - that's this afternoon's reading material, then. Cheers

Stonch -

Bollocks! Having flicked through, I think this is going to conflict with my statist political views. Why are all you North American beer writers so bloody "libertarian" (a.k.a. right wing)? Where's Roger Protz when you need him?

Alan -

I am a leftist libertarian. Tax me all you want for social redistribution but do not otherwise regulate my personal choices - that is why my chapter is about "autonomy" not "libertarianism".

Chris Scott -

Looking forward to reading your chapter. I'm going to crack it open again tonight for some more reading and hope to get my review up next week.

The Beer Nut -

You didn't mention the flickbook! That's what sold me: not enough of my philosophy books at college had flickbooks in the corners.

And if you flick backwards, the pints fill up, which is even better!

Do I still have to read it?

Alan -

See, I never noticed that but now that you mention it...

Knut Albert -

I kindly got a review copy as well, just in time for my recent trip to Italy. There will be a review over at my blog soon. But there is not reason to wait with the order!

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