Blue Annals

The Blue Annals

The Blue Annals (deb ther sngon po) is one of the most famous and important of Tibetan historical surveys. Its focus is on the history of the spread of Tibetan Buddhism, and it is remarkable for its ecumenical scope covering many different sectarian traditions. The author, Translator Gölo Zhönnupel ('gos lo gzhon nu dpal, 1392-1481), composed this work in only a few years, completing it in 1476 at age 84. The Blue Annals Project is currently preparing an e-version of the Tibetan text, scans of a second edition, analytical summaries, and a long-term retranslation project. At present, available for download are 1) a detailed outline and concordance of Roerich's English translation and the two published editions of the Tibetan text and 2) a spreadsheet of place names mentioned in the English translation. The e-text is not yet available for public distribution.