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Requires: Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Twitter account

Download: Twitterrific 3.2 (1.2 MB)

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About Twitterrific

Twitterrific is a fun application that lets you both read and publish posts or "tweets" to the Twitter community website. The application's user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac's desktop.

To get started, visit the Twitter home page to sign up for an account for use with Twitterrific. Twitter accounts are free, take only minutes to set up and are a great way to stay connected with people around the globe.

Quick and Easy Information Access

Small Desktop Footprint View Screenshot

Twitterrific's user interface is designed to let you view as much or as little information as you desire. The application shows a scrolling list of the latest tweets from either your friends or public feeds. The list can be shown in a collapsed or expanded mode. Scroll through all tweets quickly in either mode with the ↓/↑ keys.

Feature List

  • Clean, concise UI with small desktop footprint
  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts
  • Auto refreshing at user defined intervals
  • Replies and direct messages are displayed inline
  • Number of unread tweets shown in the Dock
  • Delete tweets from Twitter quickly and easily
  • Auto show / hide when new tweets arrive
  • Control over window layering and priority
  • Single click access to user profile pages
  • Switch between friend and public tweets easily
  • Keyboard shortcuts for list navigation and more
  • Control Twitterrific with AppleScript
  • Audio notification for new tweets
  • Hotkey to show / hide tweets

Installing Twitterrific

Before installing Twitterrific, it's best if you first log out of Twitter's website - you can log back in after Twitterrific is up and running.

Once the download is complete, double click the Twitterrific application icon to launch it. When prompted, enter your Twitter account information and you will see the program load in the latest tweets from your friends list. Click the small wrench icon at the bottom of the interface to configure settings such as refresh time, auto window hiding and more.

We also suggest that you add Twitterrific as a friend. This allows you to get tips and other news as a part of your normal feed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following list shows keyboard commands that can be used while the Twitterrific window is active (its title is highlighted in yellow.) The most common ones can also be seen in the action menu.

  • ⌘Q - Quit Twitterrific
  • ⌘W - Close the Twitterrific window
  • ⌘R - Refresh list of tweets
  • ⌘. - Cancel refresh and reset connections
  • ⌘K - Mark all tweets as read
  • ⌘2 - Reply to the selected tweet (using "@name")
  • ⌘D - Send a direct message
  • ⌘⌫ - Delete the selected tweet
  • ⌘1 - Make the selected tweet a favorite
  • ⌘C - Copy permalink for selected tweet to clipboard
  • ⌘L - Login to a different Twitter account
  • ⌘0 - Zoom window
  • Tab - Toggle between the tweet list and message input
  • ⌘← - Open the user's Twitter page
  • ⌘→ - Open the user's web page
  • ← - Open the user's Twitter page (with others)
  • → - Open the links in the currently selected tweet
  • ↓/↑ - Scroll through tweets list
  • ⌥↑ - Go to the newest tweet
  • ⌥↓ - Go to the oldest tweet
  • Spacebar - Select next unread tweet

Support Our Efforts

Twitterrific can be used free of charge with no limitations. Development is funded in part by inline Ads via The Deck.

Registering the program removes all advertising and helps support future improvements.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a community based website where users post what they are doing at any given moment. The concept is deceptively simple, wickedly addictive and pure fun. Tell friends, colleagues or strangers what you are snacking on, your current interests, favorite websites or just plain goofy nonsense!

What Others Say

We invite you to check what others have said about Twitterrific for Mac OS X:

"Truly excellent."

"It really makes Twitter very easy on the Mac. A beautiful little application..."

  • Leo Laporte / MacBreak
  • Jan. 2007

"...developed by Craig Hockenberry of the Iconfactory (Twitterrific) provides a perfect interface for Twitter. And when I say perfect, I mean perfect."

  • MacUser Online
  • Jan. 2007