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Interview with Vicki Umipeg - 1996

Birth-12-30-50 Born at 22 wks. and weighing 3lbs. Her weight dropped to under 1 lb. 13 oz. and she "died" four times. She credits a nurse at the hospital, for saving her life. The nurse disobeyed Dr's orders, removed Vicki from the isolette and gave her mouth-to-mouth recusitation. She was hospitalized for the first 6 mo. of her life. Too much oxygen in the incubator destroyed the optic nerve and damaged blood vessels to her retina.

Her family was described as being "very dysfunctional" and she suffered sexual, physical, and mental abuse. As a child, she lived at a school for the blind where she was also abused. By age 12 any church exposure she had came through the school or when her mother would drop her off to attend sunday school.

* 1st NDE, age 12 (2/63) Vicki had an emergency appendectomy 24 hrs. after her appendix had burst. She had perintonitis throughout her system.

Vicki's first NDE was very short. She was greeted by Jesus. He had long "wooly" hair, as she imagines lamb's wool and a beard, from beards she has felt, and a belted robe. Light glowed from the ends of the fringed tie belt and from his beard. The garment seemed to have a life of it's own. Jesus had penetrating eyes, bare feet, and she could see his chest where the robe crossed over. He "spoke" to her without words....more of a "mind-to-mind" transfer of thoughts, yet she claims, he also had a voice. There was no misunderstanding as he told her how much her parents loved her and how horribly saddened they felt at the thought of losing her. She also "felt" her abusive grandmother's mental illness. She had hated her, now she could understand and forgive, and also could have more compassion towards people. She now felt anything she or anyone else had ever felt. She was told she had to go back to "tell and show others about being kind to others." After a brief life review she was abruptly sent back.

* 2nd NDE, age 22 (2-2-73) Auto accident..skull fracture, concussion, neck, back, and leg injuries. Mormon, 1965-85. '71 baptized and became a member.

The first thing she clearly recalls, was being on the ceiling at Harborview Hospital, Seattle WA, and was looking down, and saw a "thing" but couldn't figure out what it was, then figured it might be some kind of a body and wondered "what am I doing up here?"...and then "recognized" the hair and her wedding ring on the hand, and wondered what was going on!..."is this ME!?..am I dead, or what!?"...and she was upset because they had to shave off some of her waist-length hair. She worried if it would ever grow back and if she'd ever be able to have any babies, as she remembered feeling so much pelvic pain. She was wondering if she was alive. She heard one Dr. talking about her, knew she was the one he was talking about, and knew what he was going to say before he said it. She could "tell his thoughts". Then he said "It's a pity that she could now be deaf as well as blind...there's blood on her left eardrum." Then she thought "Oh my God they ARE talking about me!". (later she asked and it was confirmed, yes, there was blood on the left eardrum.) Then a female said she didn't know what would happen if she (Vicki) came out of the coma..."she could be in a vegetative state." Vicki became very angry and frustrated at that point and was trying to talk, shout, scream, with every bit of energy she had, but they couldn't hear her. She was trying to tell them how she could hear, and how alert she was. She "floated down" to where the female was and tried to grab hold of her right arm to get her to listen to her, but "my so-called hand went right through her"...then she felt very lonely and isolated.

She thought she'd had enough of this, then floated up through the roof as if it were nothing. She floated up above the street and saw the city and the buildings...as she "sort of cavorted" in the air.

Next she remembers going through a tunnel, coming out, and being greeted by Debbie and Diane on the right and Mr. and Mrs. Zilk on the left (all childhood friends who had died) and Jesus in the center. She knew all of these by intuition. She was not permitted to talk with or touch anyone. Jesus' voice was enough to stop that, and he came between Vicki and everyone, though she felt so much love from him. Jesus' appearance was the same as when she had her first NDE at age 12. Vicki strained to get to a very ornate carved gate w/ "curlicues" across the top. He told her she couldn't go through the gate yet and she remembers feeling very sad about that. Next, she was sucked into or through a "tube" or "cage". She felt like there were periodic openings along it, and knew there were other people around her, though not traveling through her same 'pathway', but they were on all sides of her as they were all rapidly propelled along. She felt "pulled" and heard noises such as big fans and heard and felt "whirring"....more feeling it than hearing it. She was neither sitting nor laying, but was being rapidly propelled head-first. She heard a wind chime sound and could smell a scent close to jasmine. She still finds comfort and peace, and recalls her NDE's when hearing or smelling those. When she got to the end of the tunnel she could hear hymns being sung and they were all stacked and had no meter, sounding like a brook would sound if it had words...all jubilant. And though they were blended, they also each stood out by themselves. As a musician though, she couldn't quite describe it. When she got out of the tunnel, there was a brief time when knowledge came to her on most any topic; mathmatics, science, astronomy, building, sewing....she would think it and the knowledge would come. She didn't bring the knowledge back with her, but she remembers having it. Jesus told her she must go back to have her children, and that someday she'd have all that knowledge again. She was told she had to go back to learn and teach about loving and forgiving, then she had a very intense life review and was returned.

General; never has had any light perception. At times has "facial vision", but that has gotten weaker since an auto accident and skull fracture of '73. Used to have wide and excellent hearing range, also 'normal' now since accident of '73. To 'see', has memories of things by touch, but in NDE's objects were "percieved from a distance" and felt "very eerie". She didn't see colors and doesn't know what 'colors' are, but saw different brilliances of light, and having never seen light, it was "almost appalling (to see light during her NDE.)

Melvin L. Morse, MD

This interview was tape recorded by my research assistant and these notes transcribed from the interview. This is Vicky’s response to bland questions such as "tell me about your experience" and "can you tell me about your medical history". Direct questions were asked to follow up specific points Vicki discussed. The above is basically her narrative as transcribed by Becky.