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  NPF Awards
Excellence in Online Journalism Award

Past Winners 2000-2006

  • 2007 - The Center for Public Integrity
  • 2006 -; Special Citation: Medill School of Journalism
  • 2005 -
  • 2004 -
  • 2003 -
  • 2002 -
  • 2001 -
  • 2000 -

    2006 Award Winner,

    The redesigned ranks among the top financial news sites in the U.S. It attracts more than 2 million unique visitors each month and features a broad selection of news, commentary, live streaming video, audio and video on-demand reports, data, and investment tools.  

    Some of the site’s unique properties:


    • An amber-on-black format for the homepage, evocative of the look and feel of the black Bloomberg screens used by many top financial professionals.
    • Blocks of long-form headlines on the homepage divided into sections for breaking news, exclusives, and special reports.
    • A multimedia bar on the homepage with selected audio video on-demand reports and links to podcasts, live radio and television.
    • A snapshot of key market data on the homepage, customizable by region.
    • A scrolling headline ticker on each page.
    • Wider and deeper Web pages, allowing more space for news, analytics and data.

    The site showcases the best work produced each day by Bloomberg reporters worldwide (“Exclusive”) as well as strong enterprise or single-focus packages (“Special Report”). These have included in-depth reports on the options scandal, the aftermath of the Katrina hurricane, and the economic impact of 9/11—with accompanying photos and audio/video pieces. Major investigative reports can be easily updated with fresh interviews, videos and letters; an example is Bloomberg Markets magazine’s seminal investigation into private clinical drug testing abuses (“Big Pharma’s Shameful Secret”).  In addition to story updates, the section includes an extensive photo gallery, an independent counsel review and letters relating to a congressional inquiry prompted by the magazine report.


    Overall, page views on the site have more than doubled since’s June redesign.


    2006 Special Citation: Medill School of Journalism

    NPF is awarding a special citation in the Excellence in Online Journalism award category to "Digital Trails," a part of the News21 Project at the Medill School of Journalism.  The News21 Project is an initiative of the Knight Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation to bring journalism students into the "New Age" of digital storytelling using various media.

    Graduates of Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism, Phil Stuart and Meredith Mazzotta, followed 27-year-old Brooke for an entire day to see how many digital trails she left behind - data trails created by swiping ATM cards, using metro passes, membership cards and the like. The online story investigates where her data went, who collected her data, how different companies handled her information and how the government could gain access to it.


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    2005 Award Winner,

    Launched in September 2000, extends the reach of National Geographic to the Internet, balancing online edge with the traditional sagacity of the century-old magazine. The visually engaging, easily navigated website draws many longtime readers as well as nonsubscribers to experience the adventure of stories interactively. More than 14 million people logged on to National Geographic Magazine Online in 2005—broadening the content of the magazine to a new audience (162,000 people started magazine subscriptions online in 2005) while adding an experiential dimension to stories for current subscribers.

    Every month visitors can nominate a favorite place for coverage in the magazine's popular ZipUSA series; vote for the cover the Editor in Chief will choose for an upcoming issue; download printable high-resolution maps from the articles; pick up a few tips from world-famous photographers.

    September 2005 introduced visitors to live streaming video via satellite. This technology put the audience on the scene for a 24-hour look at animals and all their antics as they gathered each day at Pete's Pond, a watering hole at Botswana's Mashatu Game Reserve. Called WildCam Africa, this module—featured with the special Africa issue (September 2005)—gave visitors access to an interactive archive of National Geographic articles about Africa, a gallery of wildlife (complete with stats) that can be seen at the reserve, and a blog experience that took on a life of its own.


    The year's visitors also took an interactive exploration into King Tut's sacred burial chambers, examining his body using CT scan imagery and seeing what he may have looked like, via artist reconstructions of the young pharaoh's head (June). The voices of people affected by AIDS in South Africa (September) and war (November) rang out in poignant multimedia features presented in their own words. And—with video animations —prehistoric sea monsters came to life on computer screens all over the world (December).


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    2004 Award Winner,

    As the first Internet site dedicated to 24-hour news coverage, ranks as the leading online news and information site, attracting an average of 23 million unique users each month.  Launched in 1995, draws from the worldwide resources of the CNN News Group to provide relevant, up-to-the minute news and information. features the latest multimedia technologies, from live video streaming to audio packages to searchable archives of news features and background information.'s busiest days occurred on Nov. 3, 2004, with 451 million page impressions and Election Day, Nov. 2, 2004 with 372 million page impressions. Both of those topped  the previous record from Sept. 12, 2001, when the site registered more than 337 million page impressions. In 2004, is averaging more than 1 billion page impressions every month.


    Its services include Your E-mail Alerts – a free personalized news tracking service for members; CNN QuickCast – an online video newscast produced exclusively for Web syndication and updated hourly; CNN NewsPass – a subscription service providing users with up to 30 new video clips each day in more than a dozen news categories; and CNNtoGO, which delivers CNN directly to users' mobile devices, enabling them to get instant news updates no matter where they go. has received many national and international awards.

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    2003 Award Winner, was launched in January 1996 and reaches more than 1.4 million worldwide visitors a day. In addition to producing the entire contents of the daily New York Times, provides continuous coverage of the day's news, award-winning multimedia, breaking market and business news, and e-mail newsletters including Today's Headlines. 

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    2002 Award Winner, is leading an information revolution that engages people in their world through a truly interactive experience, combining traditional media with new technology.  Launched as a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC News in July of 1996, MSNBC's news organization includes award-winning reporters and editors as well as a multidisciplinary team of interactive and multimedia producers.  As a leader in breaking news and original journalism on the Internet, delivers the best of NBC News, MSNBC Cable, CNBC, NBC Sports, MSN, and Newsweek.  Rated #1 by Nielsen NetRatings, reaches more people than any daily newspaper in the country, on busy news days reaching an audience often greater than 4 million users.  Michael Silberman is Managing Editor, East Coast, for the news organization.

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    2001 Award Winner, was started in the spring of 1996, when The Village Voice launched its Web site. At the time, the site was updated weekly and offered only a handful of features, entertainment listings, and a smattering of classified ads.  Almost immediately it gained word-of-mouth popularity for posting apartment listings a few hours before the paper hit the streets.  By 1997, classified ads were being updated daily, and in 1998 the full editorial contents of the weekly paper went online. In 2000 the edit and new media departments joined efforts, with the goal of making an editorially vibrant site that posted columns, features, and reviews throughout the week.  This was done with no added resources, just a new focus. The site's emphasis on editorial content has resonated with readers throughout the country, translating into a rapid gain in national audience and making it a daily go-to source for news and analysis. 

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    2000 Award Winner, was launched in 1996 and is published by Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, the new-media and electronic-publishing subsidiary of The Washington Post Company. Its mission is to develop the company's editorial products and businesses on the Internet. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, it employs about 300 people.
    offers the day's Washington Post, continuously updated news coverage, breaking stories, and extensive original news content, as well as a growing suite of cultural, community and commerce services that make it the definitive guide to Greater Washington.  Channels on the site include, which is the premier location for technology news and information in the Washington area, and, which offers region's most comprehensive career management resource on the Internet.

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