Coletta For Mayor

of Colorado Springs, CO


"Let's take care of who and what we already have before we look beyond that.

Let's take care and listen to our current citizens, fix our existing roadways,

repair and refurbish the many buildings that already makeup our City.

Then and only then cater to those who want nothing more than to expand and sprawl.

Let's grow for the good first!"





NEWS  Updated 1 April



I LIKE MIKE - Coletta For Mayor - of Colorado Springs


  I'm a son

    I'm a brother

      I'm a husband

        I'm a father

          I'm a grand father

            I'm a military veteran

              I'm a civil servant

                I'm a facilitator

             I'm a program manager

           I'm a money manager

         I'm a man of action

       I'm a concerned citizen

     I'm a supporter of parks

   I'm a supporter of open space

 I'm a friend of animals

I'm NOT a politician


- I'm a believer that a city should grow for the good...

- I'm a believer of a strong and rewarded police and fire dept...

- I'm a believer in citizen participation...

- I'm a believer in direct communication with citizens...

- I'm a believer in a well maintained infrastructure...

- I'm a believer in openness and honesty...

- I'm a believer in taking responsibility...

- I'm a believer in taking care of what's important to our citizen's...


- I believe things could be much better than they now are...

And I want to make that happen!



As of 10 April 2007 (Official Results)

Lionel Rivera   33970 59.23%
Tony Carpenter   11037 19.25%
Mike Coletta   8432 14.70%
Tony L. Tyler   3909 6.82%


Thank you to everyone who put their trust in me with your vote.

I thank you with all my heart!


Please read my official post-election statement HERE


The Democratic Latino Initiative of El Paso County has endorsed me!


The Colorado Springs Independent wrote that I,

"offered some appealing insights" 22 Mar 07


KKTV 11 News labels me,

"a candidate for the people" 19 Mar 07


The Colorado Springs Independent named me,

"the most challenging competitor" 1 Mar 07


If you want:

- A concerned citizen who really cares about this city...

- A concerned citizen who wants to be the Mayor for ALL the people of this city...

- A concerned citizen who will listen to the people of this city and will take this city in the direction the people want it to go...

Then vote for me!


- You can quote me -

I may just be a grassroots guy...

but what I can offer is to be the open conduit for the people, the citizens of Colorado Springs. The people need to be heard and their words must not fall on deaf ears. Each and every citizen of this community has the right to express an opinion and the right to ask their community leaders to consider that opinion. Two way communication is a must. I will not let our citizen's words drop to the floor to be swept away. I will work to ensure each and every Council person and all those under the direction of the City Manager hear the words of our citizens. This I can promise... this and the many ideas I have to improve our community is what I offer this community. All I ask is for your vote on election day.


Mike Coletta


I only have one campaign sign and that one is mounted on top of my car.

I do not like billboards and I refuse to use yard signs since they pollute and clutter neighborhoods.


I have been a civil servant for 27 years and

a facilitator for many of those years.

A Mayor is both!

You may remember first meeting me when I was known as the "Moose man". I took a month off work to photograph the Springs Moose each day as he grazed in Monument Valley Park. A number of news stories were done on me and the moose during that month and a half while he was here.


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