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  1. RT @HNN Tell Congress that the House tax credit is not enough - Take action now!
  2. Businesses evolve from dumb people.
  3. Any suggestions for a coffee shop to work at in downtown Austin?
  4. Some common sense, yet truly genius, over at @agentgenius -
  5. Can't we all just centralize and get along?
  6. RT @HNN: RT @housingwire: Mortgage Rates Fall, Refis Surge: After a slight but steady rise in recent weeks, mortgage rates turned downwa ...
  7. I’m Willing to Pay for Twitter: My gut reaction to what I’d pay for Twitter is “nothing.̶..
  8. Hitwise covering innovation of Zillow.
  9. RT @meritagehomes Its not too late to let Congress know your support of a housing tax credit. Take action now:
  10. RT @keithgoode: Anyone have any experience getting a listing in DMOZ or Yahoo Directory changed to a new category? Is this an easy process?
  11. RT @BigBuilder: bolstering the balance sheet: @meritagehomes swaps stock for debt
  12. RT @Tocquigny: Myers Briggs of Your Website. Also check out JetBlue vs United Airlines
  13. Talking with Trulia. Looks like it was Google that had the prob.
  14. @meritagehomes Take action to preserve the $15,000 credit in the Senate version of the stimulus bill. Visit
  15. RT @meritagehomes: Call your Senators at 1-866-924-6242 and tell them to preserve the entire $15,000 credit in the Senate stimulus bill
  16. Thank you @HNN for all of the housing info!
  17. @davidgibbons Completely agree. It is truly about real people whether they work for a company or represent themselves.
  18. @davidgibbons Just wondered where the Zillow branded presence was.
  19. @apurva212 I know and I'm surprised that Zillow isn't. On the phone with them right now.
  20. Zillow you out there?


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