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Proximity Communication Garners Prestigious Awards

TR100 Award:

Robert Drost named to the MIT Technology Review TR100 list of the world's top young innovators

Dr. Robert Drost, a Principal Research Scientist at Sun Labs' has been named to the 2004 list of the world's 100 Top Young Innovators by Technology Review, MIT's Magazine of Innovation.

As a research project in Ivan Sutherland's Asynchronous Design group at Sun Labs, Proximity Communications has been under development for 5 years. Robert Drost, the principal investigator on the project, has been with Sun since 1993. He began his work at Sun in its processor division, then joined Sun Labs to study high-speed chip-to-chip communication. Dr. Drost continued his career at Stanford University where he received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2001 and subsequently returned full-time to Sun Labs.

About the TR100 List:

The TR100, chosen by the editors of Technology Review and an elite panel of judges, consists of 100 individuals under age 35 whose innovative work in technology has a profound impact on today's world. This year's nominees are recognized for their contributions in transforming the nature of technology and business in industries such as biotechnology and medicine, computing, and nanotechnology.

Dr. Drost will be honored September 29 - 30 at Technology Review's Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT.

MIT Tech Review Press Release

Sun Microsystems Press Release

R&D; 100 Award:

Proximity Communication, a revolutionary chip-to-chip communications technology led by Ivan Sutherland and Robert Drost and developed by the Asynchronous Circuits groups at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, has been chosen for one of R&D; Magazine's prestigious R&D; 100 Awards.

About the 2004 R&D; 100 Awards:

Now in its 42nd year, the R&D; Magazine Awards' competition honors the 100 most technologically significant new products of the year. Thousands of entries submitted by topflight companies, research organizations and universities around the world, are judged by the editors of R&D; Magazine and 50 outside experts. Awards are based on each achievement's technical significance and uniqueness and provide a mark of excellence in industry, government and academia, proof that the technology chosen for an award is one of the most innovative ideas of the year.

The award will be presented on Thursday, October 14th, in Chicago, at Chicago's Navy Pier. The event will feature a public daytime Exhibition, a private evening Cocktail Reception and Exhibition, the Awards Dinner, and Awards Ceremony. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with other winners, learn about new technologies via the Exhibits, exchange information, and receive their coveted awards.

R&D 100 Team

The Asynchronous Circuits group at Sun.
Front row:Justin Schauer, Tarik Ono, Ajanta Chakraborty, Gilda Garreton, Ann Coulthard;
Row 2: Alex Chow, Jeff Rulifson, Tom O'Neill, Jo Ebergen, Jonathan Gainsley, Jon Lexau; Row 3: David Hopkins, Steven Rubin, Ivan Sutherland, Ian Jones; Back row: Russell Kao, Robert Drost, Ron Ho, Bill Coates

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