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Equus on Broadway
September 2008

This emotional and psychological drama comes to Broadway with Daniel and Richard Griffiths.

Half-Blood Prince
November 2008

The 6th installment in the Harry Potter series, setting the stage for the final chapter of the septuplet ensemble.

Dan Wins Another Otto Award
Posted by jenna on 01/12/04

Thanks very much to Angelika for sending in some scans from the German Bravo magazine with photos of Dan, Emma, and Rupert accepting their Otto awards at the POA DVD Launch Party.

Dan won the Bronze Otto, Emma the Silver, and Rupert won the Shooting Star Otto. A little girl, Melanie (12), presented them with their awards that evening.

Dan is quoted: "Crazy! That´s my third OTTO! Now there´s just the golden one missing!"

Tom is also reported as planning a trip to Cologne, Germany on December 18th for a fan meeting - but I'd check his Official site to get more details on that for certain.

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