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Defense Organization

           The hierarchy, representation and employment of the Turkish Armed Forces within Turkish State organization have been regulated by the Constitution. According to the Constitution; The office of Commander in Chief is represented in the spiritual entity of Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA). The Chief of General Staft is appointed by the President as Commanderof the Armed Forces and is responsible to Prime Minister. The Council of Ministers is responsible to Turkish Grand National Assembly for national security and the preparation of the Armed Forces to defend the country. However, authority to declare a state of war and send Turkish Armed Forces to foreign countries or allow foreign armed forces to be stationed in Turkey rests with Turkish Grand National Assembly.

      The Chief of the Turkish General Staff is responsible to the Prime Minister and is charged with the overall command and control of the Turkish Armed Forces. He is also responsible for;

        - Conducting the military operations effectively

        - The operational readiness of Turkish Armed Forces

        The commanders of the three services (Iand, naval, air) report directly to the Chief of the Turkish General Staff. Turkish General Staff and the Ministry of National Defense work in close ,,,': coordination and cooperation to fulfill their respective responsibilities. The General Command of Gendarmerie and the Coast Guard Command, as a part of the intemal security forces, are affiliated with the Ministry of Interior Affairs at peacetime; whereas at war-time, they fall under Land Forces Command and Naval Forces Command, respectively.