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Ghost Mice

First off, for the uninitiated: who are you and what do you do?

My name is chris, i play guitar in the ghost mice. i sing and play tamborine with my foot too. hannah plays violin. we are about to leave for tour and i know i would never be able to get hannah to answer these questions in time so i am doing them by myself. sorry.

What is Ghost Mice about? Where's the name from?

the name came from a cat. the cat's name is mr. jefferson. he is a mouser. he kills a lot of mice. i used to have an imaginary mouse named pinky. mr. j. named the band.

What is Plan-it-x about? What are your morals/ethics?! (as they seem very important in the running of the label)

cheap music. we believe that punk should be different than the mainstream. we don't think that the punk scene should be a mimic of the mainstream business world. we try to offer music at a fair price that everyone can afford and we treat the bands well enough that they are happy with the prices too. everyone involved with the label is into the cheap ethic. it's also very important to mention that this label is about being friends and releasing music that i love made by people that i love. that's it really. don't pay too much for your "punk" cds.

Why did you take over from Sam running the label?

sam wasn't really interested in running a label, niether was i really but here i am 10 years later.

What are you listening to at the moment?

the mountain goats, defiance ohio.

I'm aware that you suffer from a mystery muscle illness. How you are? How much harder to tour is it with such a illness? Any clue what it is yet?

still no clue, i am in pain everyday, i have vertigo, i fell like shit. It does get hard to tour but i have to do it, i can't just set around and wait to get worse. it seems to stay about the same. i plan on looking into getting more help when i get back from europe.

How did the Plan-it-x 10 year gig go? Who played?

it was really awesome. everyone that came or played said it was the best fest they had ever been too. 600 people came and about 500 of them were from out of town. i think it's safe to say that we all made a lot of new friends, and i'm really happy that this event brought everyone together so much. not only that, but everyone was really respectful of the town and the venues, and i know all of the locals are relieved about that. nothing got trashed, no one got arrested, and our worst incident all weekend was some pies being thrown (which, if you're wondering, all got cleaned up and there was no permanent damage to anything. and the venue was remarkably cool about it.) so all in all, it was a great weekend. plus, we raised even more money for the benefits than we had hoped ($3000 each for both mother hubbard's cupboard and the midwest pages to prisoners project.) so thanks everyone! we couldn't have possibly asked for a better birthday party. all of the plan-it-x bands played except the bananas and against me. lots of non-plan-it-x bands played too like toys that kill, reactionary 3, mt. gigantic, justin rhody, turn pale etc. it was great, really great. i cried.

What bands influence you (musically and politically and socially)?

i have to give some credit to my punk roots, fifteen and bad religion and i guess propagahndi. musically i would thank this bike is a pipe bomb and woody guthrie. my friends are a huge influence. dave dondero made me want to play acoustically and justin rhody gave me the encouragement i needed to do it.

America has an 'interesting' political climate at the moment, will you be voting in the next election?! If so, for who? If not, why not?

i will not vote because i am an anarchist, and there is no one worth voting for and voting does not work here.

I read in the Devil is Electric interview that you don't agree really agree with the idea of bands selling out to larger record labels, what do you think about the larger 'punk' labels such as Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph (pre-Sony sell out, perhaps?), etc? Further more, care to share any opinion about Against Me! signing to Fat Wreck?

i don't really want to talk about against me, they are my friends. i would never release a record on fat or epitath. i think people should quit talking about against me. it's old news, no offence to you. i just get sick of hearing about it. there are so many more important things to talk about than what against me did. i disagree with their choices but i do not think it is evil. fat is not that bad, they pay the bands and their employees well. there is a war going on.

What inspired you to form Ghost Mice instead of continue with a traditional band set up, like you had in Op: CC or TDIE?

i wanted to try something different, style wise and lyrically. we wanted to be able to play anywhere, anytime. we got sick of showing up at shows and finding no PA and not being able to play, or the cops coming to shut down the show. ghost mice isn't too loud so we can play anywhere. it's so fun. we are still in the devil is electric too.

Are you ever tempted to cover songs from Op: CC or TDIE? considering you and Hannah have been in both of them.

sometimes, but most of them don't sound very good folked out. we have lots of songs so we don't really need to cover those songs. we like playing new songs.

Any last words?

drop out of school, quit your jobs, burn your car, get desperate and start living. -chris

Dropkick the Resistance
User Comments

User : captain wil

do it. but not easy for everyone to do. so i respect those that do.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 @ 9:53:18 am

User : Crick

wise words indeed, i seem to be living by them at the moment. but i dont have a car so i'll have to burn someone elses

Saturday, August 14, 2004 @ 5:38:14 pm

User : b in b

Wise words,Mate.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004 @ 5:06:52 pm

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