> 2005 Rimon Dessert Wine

2005 Rimon Dessert Wine

2005 Rimon Dessert Wine


The pomegranate fruit for this wine was harvested at the peak of ripeness, resulting in a full-flavored, soft, harmonious wine. Its natural sweetness is retained by interrupting the fermentation process with the addition of a quantity of alcohol (also produced naturally from pomegranates). It is then aged for ten months in French oak barrels to give the wine depth, roundness and a remarkable taste and color.

This is a sweet, yet light wine, with fruity aromas and bright cherry flavors. Notes of chocolate and lush pomegranate flavors linger on the finish. It can be served alone or paired with desserts and soft, ripe cheese. Serve chilled at about 55-62° F.


500 ml     $29.00 

Detailed Wine Information

Sub-Appellation:Upper Galilee, Israel
Special Designation:Dessert Wine
Varietal:100% Pomegranate
Varietal Notes:Pomegranate