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Executive Board

The Executive Board is formally constituted under article 7 of the Royal Charter and is responsible for delivering the BBC's services in line with the priorities set by the BBC Trust.

It is responsible for all aspects of operational management, including:

  • delivering the BBC's services in accordance with purpose remits, service licences and other strategies
  • directing the BBC's editorial and creative output
  • the operational management of the BBC
  • ensuring compliance with all the BBC's legal and regulatory requirements (including initial handling of complaints about the BBC), except where these areas specifically relate to the BBC Trust or the Trust Unit
  • ensuring compliance with all the requirements that the Trust places on the Executive Board
  • appointing and holding to account the management of the BBC and its subsidiaries
  • conducting the BBC's operational financial affairs to ensure value for money
  • accounting to the BBC Trust for its own performance and the performance of the BBC and its subsidiaries
  • complying with any decision from the BBC Trust in relation to the exercise of its functions

The Executive Board is made up of 10 executive directors and 6 non-executive directors and is chaired by the Director-General. The Director-General is chief executive and editor-in-chief and is appointed by the BBC Trust. The other members of the Executive Board are appointed by the Nominations Committee and approved by the BBC Trust. The Deputy Director-General is deputy chair of the Executive Board. See Executive Board members, Executive Board minutes.

In practice, the Executive Board is able to delegate some of its responsibility to other management groups. Any delegation from the Executive Board is clearly recognised and stated in the relevant standing orders for each group and a framework for reporting and review established. The Board has four subcommittees. See Executive Board standing orders, Executive Board subcommittees.

The performance of the Executive Board is assessed by the BBC Trust as set out in the Royal Charter and Agreement. The BBC Annual Report, which gives an account to licence fee payers and Parliament of how the BBC has performed against its objectives, is published in July.

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