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Have you heard of Craig’s list? It’s pretty popular. Why? It’s a service with information that everyone needs once in a while. It’s local classifieds and forums, which are community moderated and free.

MobilED Community Wiki instruction sheet

MobilED Community Wiki instruction sheet

The MobilED Community Wiki brings the same services to mobile users. No need for Internet access or smart phones - MobilED works on any phone in the world. This is important for everybody - especially for people with strong oral tradition and limited Internet access.

We have a new prototype setup of the MobilED server to test and demonstrate what one can do with it. You may call the number: +358-9-4288 7140 to try it out. You may also check out the Wiki view, meant for editing and moderating the content.

Edit: the phone number mentioned is no longer available, as the pilot has ended.

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  1. 1 marjariitta ritanoro

    It is a good way to communicate. We need the same in different African countries to do Community Actions Plans with local communities.
    How can we cooperate?

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