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MacLeod of Harris cap badge  Clan MacLeod
Clansman's Badge
Clansmen are identified through the MacLeod clansman's badge, worn as badges or brooches, and by which their loyalty is identified. The badge of MacLeod of MacLeod bears the motto 'HOLD FAST', while that of MacLeod of Lewis is 'I BURN WHILE I SEE.' The badges do not show a separation of clanship, but rather a togetherness, and a shared loyalty to one another.

MacLeod of Lewis cap badge  Clan MacLeod

Clansman's badges are often referred to as "crests" or "clan crests", even though this isn't strictly accurate.  A crest is the part of the Arms, worn upon a helmet.  The actual crest is the centre part of the badge, the part surrounded by the strap-and-buckle.  It is the "twist" (called a "torse") under the crest that attaches to the helmet.

Of course, only proper armigers (people authorised Arms by the Lord Lyon, King of Arms) are allowed to wear the crest alone - in our case, the Chiefs of MacLeod.

A bit about Arms - in Scotland, Arms belong to one person, and one person only - there is no such entity as a "Family Coat of Arms." Using someone's Arms without the permission of that person is quite punishable under the law, and known as "Usurping Arms." Not only morally and socially reprehensible, displaying someone's Arms could result in significant legal issues. MacLeod clansmen are permitted to wear the "Clansman's Badge", consisting of the crest portion of the Chief's Arms, surrounded by a strap and buckle indicating that the wearer is not in fact the Chief, but beholden to him.   

Clan MacLeod Tartans


MacLeod of Harris
"Hold Fast"
Septs of MacLeod of Harris
Beaton, Bethune, Beton, Grimond, Harold, Harrold, Macandie, Maccaig, Macclure, Maccrimmon, Maccuaig, Macharold, Maclure, Macraild, MacWilliam, Norman, Normand and Williamson.
Old Lewis
MacLeod of Lewis (Lewes)
"I Birn Quhil I Se"
Septs of MacLeod of Lewis
Askey, Aulay, Callam, Allum, Caskey, Caskie, Lewis, Maccabe, Macallum, Macaskie, Macaskill, Macaulay, Maccallum, Maccaskie, Maccaskill, Maccorkill, Maccorkindale, Maccorke, Maccorquodale, MacGillechallum, Mackaskill, Maclewis, Malcolmson, Norie, Norrie and  Tolmie
In additon to these tradional Tartens there are a myriad of other MacLeod tartans, some of which can be seen here 
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