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We encourage everyone to report your experiences. If you are using a card that is listed
click the add report icon and let us know the driver version or your experiences and price.
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  4/12/2006 - Another IP added to the blacklist for spamming. :( has repeatedly posted advertisements.  Also, I am working on some improvements for the site that will allow us to link directly to a list of cards and find the lowest price available. I hope to be done with it soon. :) thx tom  
  12/2/2005 - Another one of those unusual days. It has been a long time since we have requested an addition to the blacklist(17 months) but as of today the IP  61.152.169.* has been added to the list of shame. These fine people have the audacity to use form auto posters to spam groups with ads intended to raise their page rank. Here we support network cards not pills and porn, not that we don't enjoy them but there is a time and place. I don't want to open a page and worry if the kids are within eyeshot and I try and provide that same comfort to all visitors here. The only ad I have allowed was for for my ISP who I know for a fact makes little money for all the services they provide. They have donated the space and bandwidth for me to keep this going not to mention saving me on numerous occasions.

11/29/2005 - Well we have had to implement a few changes as a result of some people who have been using auto posters to post links to their websites. I understand the desire for a high page rank but please don't try and raise it by posting junk in the notes. I have removed all of the offending reports. Thanks to the users for reporting this to me. I will be monitoring the submissions more closely from now on. 

11/22/2005 - Imagine the surprise and pain when returning from my honeymoon to find a corrupt sql database! Thanks go out to the users that brought this to my attention! I am sorry for the down time. It is times like this where you realize how lax you are at backups!!!! Originally i thought I had lost a month's data. All I can say is thank god my ISP automatically backs up all of the databases for their clients. All of that and they don't charge for recovery or backup space! They were able to recover the database and reapply all of the transactions following the last full backup.  I am unable to say enough good things about the fine staff at Superior!!! If anyone is looking for a good host see . I like to throw my support to good people doing a great job of saving my from myself. LOL

I hope everyone enjoys the repository. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me. Thanks Tom Bruinsma



AirSnare uses WinPcap library for its packet capture engine. The following is a list of cards supported by WinPCap.

We encourage everyone to report your experiences. If you are using a card that is listed click the add report icon and let us know the driver version. If you card is not supported please click the add new card button and report it to us. If you have any problems please send me an email.

Thanks Tom Bruinsma(

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Card Count    
Report Count    
   37 44 
10/100Mb Ethernet   72 170 
54M Wireless USB Adapter   
802.11a/b/g/draft-n   13 18 
DSL Modem   
Gigabit Ethernet   38 71 
GPRS/GSM Wireless Modem   
Wireless 108 Mbps   
Wireless 2200BG Network Connection   
Wireless 802.11a   10 40 
Wireless 802.11a+b+g   95 312 
Wireless 802.11b   110 454 
Wireless 802.11b+g   318 1194 
wireless a+g notebook adapter   24 42 
Wireless N   20 43 
Wireless Network Adapter   23 36 
Wireless Super G 108mb   23 63