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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Not really, but we would be more then happy to exchange ideas and knowledge!

We have been creating all kinds of applications since we started this business, all of which came from several individuals ideas and thoughts about how stuff works. It is allways important to have an open dialog when beeing creative together. Together with our customers we try to create services that produces a buzz in the customers marketing sector.

Right now we are working on a new little project together with our friend over at Carlesten Consulting, please feel free to check back in later for more news.


Hussfelt Consulting...

...has existed in various forms since sometime in the beginning of 2004. We have worked with Joomla since first branch, now with extensive knowledge of the Joomla 1.5 Framework. Currently we are focused on delivering free Joomla! products that exceeds the normal expectations of an extension.

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Latest project... our ZendModelCreator. This application (so to speak) is focused on making the developing for ZendFramework projects a bit faster. Instead of creating the database objects for each table you are using, ZMC is doing it for you. With only a couple of configurable options, it's as easy as saying cheers, to get your new project running!

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Like this Joomla template?

As many other things on this site it is completely free! In collaboration with Midsjö AB are we releasing it into the public domain under the GNU/GPL version 2 license. You will find this template and other extensions under the Labs section then Joomla!. Good luck and happy Joomling!