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Random Reciprocal Links!

ChangingLINKS is a search engine that displays random links in the easiest way possible. All you have to do is click one button with your mouse, and we will help you discover cool, funny, interesting, weird & free reciprocal links. It is free to surf!

They're cool, weird, funny, & interesting

Some links that you see will be weird. Very weird. For the most part you will see cool, funny or interesting links. As a rule, we display pages with information or entertaining content.

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It's fun, free & easy!

Have you ever been caught in an "Internet rut?" You get on-line, check your email, check the stocks & then log off with a weird feeling of boredom? The Internet has a lot to offer - but finding new information or funny web sites is difficult. You will have an interesting experience at Changing LINKS that will help you discover cool reciprocal links; saving you from the "Internet rut."

Add links that are cool, funny, weird, free & interesting.

We ask our viewers to add cool links. In fact, think of it as a free cost of admission. We want you to add a cool or interesting web sites. It only takes a moment to add a link & it's free. The changing links are screened by viewers, our add a link form, & our robot (to ensure a reciprocal links).

We require reciprocal links from every cool or interesting page that we display. This helps us keep track of the content, as well as grow our changing network. Once the changing link contains a reciprocal link, we keep a reciprocal link back to the link. Our viewers enjoy seeing changing random links that are weird, cool, funny, interesting & that have a reciprocal link for free!
Click here to add your links & view cool, funny, weird, interesting, reciprocal links for free!
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