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CDs containing XCP content protection software developed by First4Internet for SONY BMG may increase the vulnerability of your computer to certain computer viruses. To address these concerns, we are providing you with a software tool for download that offers you two options.

You may either:

Update the XCP software on your computer.
This option installs an update which removes the component of the XCP software that has been the subject of public attention and will alleviate concerns you may have about the software posing potential security vulnerabilities. It will also enable you to continue using the protected disc(s) on your computer. Please note that, if you wish to continue using the content protection software on your computer, you should not only download this software update, but you should check back regularly for the latest updates.

Completely uninstall the XCP software and associated content protection files.
This option will remove all XCP and associated content protection files, including service/processes, registry entries and folders from your computer. Note that once you delete the XCP content protection software, if you wish to play a CD protected with XCP it will be necessary to reinstall the XCP software in accordance with that CD's End User License Agreement after you insert the disc into your computer.

Please note that you must reboot your computer after running the software tool.

Be advised that after running the uninstaller Windows may automatically make a backup of certain XCP associated registry keys. Such backup files are typically pre-pended with 'Legacy_'. The presence of these keys does not indicate that the XCP content protection software has not been successfully removed. These Windows backup files should eventually be deleted as Windows refreshes this backup store.

Note, this uninstaller will not remove the detection tool itself. The detection tool can be deleted manually in the normal manner.

If you have previously uninstalled the XCP software using the Sony BMG customer support website, and you are concerned about security issues relating to the delivery of ActiveX controls, both options will result in the deletion of these controls.

For users who have previously uninstalled XCP software using the uninstaller made available prior to November 18, 2005, we recommend that you run the currently available uninstaller, to eliminate a potential security vulnerability presented by the earlier uninstaller that was brought to our attention.

Please note that uninstalling from your computer the XCP software and associated content protection files loaded from an XCP-protected CD will NOT delete or affect your use of any audio files that you have previously transferred from an XCP-protected CD. Such files remain subject to the digital rights management rules in the End User License Agreement: namely that you may rip the audio into the secure formats provided on the disc, move these tracks to compatible portable devices, and make up to three copies of each track on to CD-Rs.

Please be advised that this program is protected by all applicable intellectual property and unfair competition laws, including patent, copyright and trade secret laws, and that all uses, including reverse engineering, in violation thereof are prohibited.

The XCP software tool is available for download here as an EXECUTABLE (2.3 MB) or ZIP FILE (1.03 MB)



Computer anti-virus/anti-spyware software can help keep your computer secure and your files safe. We have provided links to some popular providers of anti-virus software below to help you keep your computer secure. These providers have not paid SONY BMG to link to their websites; SONY BMG has no interest in these companies' products; and you use those products at your own risk.

Spybot Search & Destroy:
AVG Anti-Virus:

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