Gravity Defied
part two

Since GDTR's release in 2005 we've got tons of positive feedback and ideas for things to incorporate in a possible GDTR2. Many non-official mods have been created of GDTR with varying success. Somewhere around 100k demo-downloads have been done from our site (god knows how many from other sites). But we felt that the time has come for us to put some effort into a possible sequel. Therefore we give you this page as a start.

Review - posted: 2008-10-12
A review of the game. This one in english.
Someone still plays GDTR - posted: 2008-10-10
It seems that we still have quite a few fans out there. This page is swedish only though.
New website - posted: 2008-10-09
Here you can follow the developments of GD. For those of you who wan't to check out the GDTR history, go to the old site.

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