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Jose P. Laurel
October 14, 1943 - August 17, 1945
Vice President: There was no vice president under the 2nd Republic.

Birth: March 9, 1891 in Tanauan, Batangas
Death: 6 November 1959 in Tanauan, Batangas,
of a heart attack at age 68

Sotero Laurel lawyer, Member of the Malolos Congress
Jacoba Garcia

Ethnic Affiliation: Tagalog (Batangas)

Spouse: Pacencia Hidalgo y Valencia (married 1911)

Jose B., Jr. (Representative; Speaker of the House of Representatives)
Jose S. III (Ambassador to Japan)
Sotero (President of the Lyceum of the Philippines; Senator, 1987-1992)
Salvador (Senator; Vice President 1986-1992 (concurrently Sec. of Foreign Affairs 1986-87); President of the Nacionalista Party; Chairman of the National Centennial Commission

Bachelor of Laws, University of the Philippines, With Honors, 1915
(2nd Place, 1915 Bar Examinations)
Masters of Law Escuela de Derecho
Doctor of Civil Law (Jurisprudence), Yale University as government pensionado, 1920
Doctor of Laws, University of Santo Tomas, 1936
Doctor of Laws honoris causa Tokyo Imperial University

Prior Profession: Professor - University of the Philippines
Government employee

Directly served the following presidents:
Manuel L. Quezon (as Secretary of Justice)
Ramon Magsaysay (as lead negotiator)

Previous positions:
Secretary of the Interior (Leonard Wood cabinet)
Senator for the Fifth Senatorial District (Batangas, Mindoro, Tayabas, Cavite, and Marinduque, 7th Legislature 1925-1928;8th Legislature 1928-1931; 9th Legislature 1931-1934; 10th Legislature 1934-1935)
Majority floor leader 1928-1931
Delegate, 1934-1935 Constitutional Convention
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, 1936-1941
Secretary of Justice (Quezon cabinet), 1941
Acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, 1941
Commissioner of Justice, Commissioner of the Interior 1942-1943 (Japanese Occupation)
President, Preparatory Committee on Philippine Independence, 1942-43 (Japanese Occupation)

Political Party:
Partido Nacionalista 1922-1941
Kalibapi 1943-1945
Nacionalista Party 1947-1959

Term of Office:
Elected President by the National Assembly on September 25, 1943. October 14, 1943 August 17, 1945

Age at Inauguration: 51
Inaugurated at:
Legislative Building, Manila, October 14, 1943
Initials used: JPL

Post-presidential positions:
Senator of the Philippines (2nd Congress 1951-1953; 3rd Congress 1954-1957)
Chairman, Economic Mission to the United States (1954)
Founder, Lyceum of the Philippines

Orders and Decorations:
First Class, Order of the Rising Sun, 1943
Grand Cross, Order of Isabela Catolica (Spain), January 6, 1953 (authorized by CR No. 41, February 23, 1953)
Chief Commander, Philippine Legion of Honor, 1958

Jose P. Laurel

Vital Signs

Population: 17.9 million (1944)

Total Exports: No data; Japanese Occupation

Note: Economic data provided by Jonathan and Eduardo Malaya, editors of So Help Us God... The Inaugurals of the Presidents of the Philippines, published by Anvil Publishing.

Source: National Statistical Coordination Board, National Accounts of the Philippines; National Statistics Office, Philippine Statistical Yearbook (various years) - monetary values are in 1985 constant prices, except for total exports which are in current prices.