Name: Marcel Gauthier
Year Inducted: 2002
Induction Category: Midget Wrestler

Sky Low Low

By all accounts, Sky Low Low was a big man in a small body. At three feet-six inches tall, he weighed in at eighty-six pounds. He was born in 1928 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Marcel Gauthier was his birthname but he went on to be known worldwide as Sky Low Low. His facial expressions and quick ring moves, which included well-executed dropkicks, set him apart from the other outstanding midgets of the era. He began wrestling in the 1940's and was still touring for the WWF as late as the early 1980's. He battled another Canadian midget wrestler, Little Beaver, in front of Queen Elizabeth. He once claimed the World Midget Title. Rock-and-Roll artist Mark Cutler's title song for his recent album is entitled "Skylolo" after the famed midget wrestler's unique monicker. Although Sky Low Low passed away on November 6, 1998 at age seventy, his legacy will remain alive as the first midget inductee at the PWHF.

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