Guests of Honour and V.I.Ps.

At RBW 2007 we had some of the best furry talent and stars in the community. Well I'm afraid to report that we COULD have done better last year. After all we only hadFatkraken, 2' Gryphon, Ultraviolet, Jess T Wolf, Uncle Kage, Timothy Albee, Steve Galacci, Atalon the Deer, and Lance Ikegawa???! Now whilst that IS a guest list to rival the biggest US furry conventions, we felt that we could do better. And we have.

At RBW 2008 we will be bringing the best 'all star team' for you to meet. Unfortunately for you though, we like to keep things a bit mystic so were going to be releasing more information over the year about those elusive GoH. For now at least we are going to whet your appetite by announcing our Art track Guest of Honour, the inimitable Zen. If you want to find out the other guests you have three options available to you. Firstly you could simply wait until we announce them. As that may seem a bit boring, we have hidden some little clues around the web site that if you are clever will tell you who our other guests are. Of course if both of those options are too much for you, and you just happen to be a evil alchemist, then you could try torturing the senior RBW staff. A word of warning however - torture is against the Geneva convention.




Zen has been creating furry art for well over six years and has constantly strived to create even more impresive pictures. Zen not only enjoy creating artwork in his spare time but also is a professional graphic designer.

Zen moved from South Africa a few years back and now enjoys living with his long term boyfriend IceLyon. Icelyon will also be joining us at RBW and will be around throughout the convention so feel free to say hello. So pleased put your paws together and welcome Zen to his first furry convention.



Someone who needs no introduction is Cheetah! As Eurofurence chairman and a long time fur he has played a defining role within not only in his home country of Germany but the international fandom.

Cheetah is also heavily involved with the Paw Pet Show and has hosted a number of performances at Eurofurence in the past.



If any of you are avid fursuit followers or are involved with the fursuit community you will have probably heard of Timduru. Joining us this year Timduru is our honourary Fursuit Guest of Honour and will be heavily involved with performances and round tables across the weekend.

Timduru is a great example to us all and has sacrificed alot of time, effort, and money building resources for the furry community both on the internet and at conventions.